PRAD 255 - Module 4 - Program Planning - Part 1


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PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAM PLANNING (PART 1) Principles of Public Relations Ragas

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Remember the RACE Model? Research Action Communication Evaluation After conducting your research, the next step in the public relations process is program planning (the “Action” part of the RACE model)

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Planning: how an organization’s mission, goals, objectives, and tactics all fit together

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What is management by objective (MBO)? Why is it used in PR? Management by Objective (MBO): is a systematic (bit by bit) approach to planning To focus on devising achievable goals and attaining the best possible results from available resources Useful for conceptualizing your plan Why do you think some PR practitioners are afraid of planning and setting specific objectives?

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The eight elements found in a typical PR program plan (similar to RACE model) 1) Situation 2) Objectives 3) Publics 4) Strategy 5) Tactics 6) Calendar/Timetable 7) Budget 8) Evaluation

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Objectives An objective is a statement of what we want to achieve as a result of our PR program. Two types: Informational (awareness): Expose audiences to information, easier to achieve, but is harder to measure Motivational (behavior): bottom-line oriented and easy to measure, but is harder to achieve Objectives MUST: Address the situation Be realistic and achievable Be measurable (by a specific time)

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Audience & Strategy Audience: the specific and defined audience or public that will be targeted by our PR program Strategy: a broad statement of how the program goals and objectives will be achieved Key messages: a central idea that we want to get across to our target audience (1-2 sentences max)

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Tactics and Timeline Tactic: the specific activities/programming that are put into place to achieve the stated objectives They are closely tied to our program’s strategies Time table: when the program will begin, what tactics will run at different times, to when we expect to have achieved the stated objective

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Budget & Evaluation Budget: Details the cost of the program, in terms of staff time and expenses Evaluation: Back to research Measures if we have achieved the stated objectives Motivational objective (behavior): To achieve top market share in U.S. among pistachio sellers Informational objective (awareness): To achieve high awareness of the benefits of eating pistachios among target public

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Honey Badger – Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin’

Summary: PRAD 255 - Module 4 - Program Planning - Part 1

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