PRAD 255 - Module 4 - Program Planning - Part 2


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PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAM PLANNING PART 2 Principles of Public Relations Ragas

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“Old Spice Guy” campaign: The Situation Situation: Procter & Gamble (P&G) wants to grow market share for its Old Spice Body Wash Research indicates that women purchase about 70% of the shower gel for men in their households

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“Old Spice Guy” campaign: Goal and Objectives Goal: To increase the sales of its new Old Spice line of body wash Possible Objectives: To generate awareness of the benefits of using Old Spice body wash among 50% of the target public by January 2012 (informational – information/awareness) To generate 20 million YouTube views among the target public on the Old Spice YouTube channel by January 2012 (motivational - behavior)

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“Old Spice Guy” campaign: Audience, strategy, and tactics Audience: Women in relationships aged 21-to-54 with household incomes of $40,000+ Strategy: Build awareness of product line through communication centered around the “Old Spice guy” in traditional and new media channels Tactics: TV commercials Appearance on TV shows (Oprah, morning shows) Social media interaction (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channels): create response videos to fans

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“Old Spice Guy” campaign: Calendar and budget Calendar/Timetable Launch at Super Bowl (Feb. 2010) with TV ad and media coverage, followed by new ad early-summer 2010; Twitter/YouTube videos mid-summer 2010; the plot thickens with Fabio in summer 2011….. Budget Not disclosed but TV is expensive; also bought Trending Topic on Twitter. Creative team to write/shoot 186 YouTube videos

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“Old Spice Guy” campaign: Evaluation Evaluation Nearly 36 million YouTube views in one week 94,000 followers on Twitter (started with 32,000) Final video has 2.5 million views and over 5,800 comments Facebook Fan Page has over 630,000 likes The YouTube views could be used as an indirect indicator of informational objectives and posting comments/joining for evaluating motivational objectives

Summary: PRAD 255 - Module 4 - Program Planning - Part 2

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