PRAD 255 - Module 8 - Meetings and Events


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Meetings and Events Principles of Public Relations Ragas

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Why are meetings and events important PR tools? The vast majority of PR campaigns integrate one or more meetings and events. Why? Even in an era of social media, there is no substitute for audience participation, face-to-face communication, and the need to gather (interpersonal communication is still king!) Meetings and events come in all shapes and sizes from large events involving thousands down to small, intimate gatherings of a dozen individuals or less U.S. corporate meetings are an $80 billion industry! Booths at trade shows cost $50,000 - $1 million dollars!

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Different types of meetings and events Group meetings Banquets Receptions and Cocktail parties Open Houses and Plant Tours Conventions Trade Shows Promotional Events

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Pressrooms and media relations at events PR campaigns often use events and meetings as a way to attract media attention and press coverage Many companies time new product launches in conjunction with a major tradeshow or convention PR professionals will contact journalists (including bloggers) in advance of a tradeshow or convention to set up interviews and one-on-one meetings May use hospitality suites and/or hold separate more intimate events (cocktail parties with entertainment, etc.) May hire a “personality” (celebrity, athlete, etc.) Stars charge appearance fees of $15,000 - $100,000

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Corporate sponsorships: another form of event Companies not only create their own events, but also sponsor existing events to cut through the clutter Corporations spend $10 billion annually to sponsor events (the vast majority is spent on sporting events) There should be a good “fit” between the organization’s needs and interests of its publics, and event focus

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Promotional event example: Cow parade for Chick-Fil-A water tower opening

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Promotional event example: Chick Fil-A “First 100” campout for opening

Summary: PRAD 255 - Module 8 - Meetings and Events (Matt Ragas)

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