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Some of your Perfect Computers… Just for the fun of it…

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My Perfect Computer MacBook Pro: 15”

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So What Would Mine Look Like… Intel i7 processor 16 gig of ram 2 -2 tb drives in a RAID 2gb invidia video card 42” Panasonic HDTV as a Monitor (Doubles as a TV) Top of the Line SoundBlaster Audio Bose Companion Speakers About $4200

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Why do this? Knowing what the ultimate is helps see bargains in the marketplace. Maybe I’d not buy a 42” monitor but a 27” is quite doable. What kind of deals are out there. Check out refurbished, after Christmas sales, and even used. You might find a deal. (Dell has outlet sales)

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Warranty and Guarantee Often these are add-ons that cost a lot. How many computer fail in the first two years? Who does the service? What are the conditions? How long do you have to take it back for a full refund? Don’t be afraid to do that. Do you need the latest model?

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