Merry Christmas


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Slide 1

Somewhere closer CAN HEAR

Slide 2

CAN HEAR wedding bell The

Slide 3

It’s a Fine day am a BLUE shirts wearing like the sky

Slide 4

standing am line In

Slide 5

while holding confetti

Slide 6

see the of my dream

Slide 7

Is shining like the sun

Slide 8


Slide 9

Won’t you merry me

Slide 10

I f could be a

Slide 11

$$$ Rich boy $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$

Slide 12

Won’t you merry me

Slide 13

if could be very handsome Won’t you me

Slide 14

TALL if I could be a

Slide 15

Don’t you merry

Slide 16

He’s just another stupid In the next life Merry X’mas

Summary: Merry Christmas - will you merry me ?

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