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UV Nano Energy Saver Presented by Natural Path Sdn Bhd (922240-T) 20, Jalan 2/119A, Tmn Bukit Hijau, 56000 Cheras, KL, Malaysia. www.natural-path.com.my UNES – Your No. 1 Energy Saver.

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Natural Path Sdn Bhd, focusing in energy saving and CO2 emission reduction for automotive vehicles and construction machinery using all fuel such as Petrol, Diesel and Bio-fuel. After 8 years of joint-effort R&D, we have proudly launched a few ranges of UV Nano Energy Saver for different applications. Absolutely no risk to your engine.

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UNES - Absolutely no risk to your engine. The World 1st UV nano Technology The World 1st International Certified 20% petrol saving. The World 1st Car Engine Total Emission reduces > 64% (certified by Petroleum company - CPC Corporation) The World Best Diesel Saver – Truck, Bus, Power Generator.

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UNES Technologies: World 1st UV Nano technology, combining with F.I.R. Technology + Negative Ion technology, ensure 100% highly effective atomization effect for petrol and diesel molecules in fuel tank, which is a total dark vibrant environment.

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Atomization No. 1 The UV energy triggering internally the F.I.R. to emit very low-resonance, yet, very high power frequency waves. The frequency waves breakdown fuel molecules to their smallest and tiny molecules.

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Petrol Molecule Atomization : Before and After $$$$$ 20% - 30%

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SGS International SGS Test Report: RON 92

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SGS International Conclusion Petrol Density: Changing due to smallest molecule, after UV atomization effect. (2) No contamination: No chemical change to petrol properties. (3) No corrosion: No damage to engine.

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SGS International Report No: KP/2011/90031

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UNES : 20mm, 30mm, 40mm The Star 25mm

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Long Shine: 40mm X 60mm

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Atomization No. 2 Ion-energy atomization effects - The active molecule are being ionized to carry higher oxygen contents, hence, it’s equivalent to higher of Octane index. Higher Octane

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Petrol: After Atomization

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Certificate No.1 International Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (Shanghai, China) Test Report No: 05-635-Z Petrol: RON 93

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Certificate No.1

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Diesel Atomization: Saves USD 5,000 to USD 8,000 annually.

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CPC Corporation, Petroleum Company, Taiwan Test Report No: FE-950101 Certification No. 2

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Certificate No.2

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Features: (1) Products: 25mm, 40mm, 40mmX60mm (2) PE material: High resistance against high temp, shock , and acid solvent. (3) Petrol efficiency: up 15% to 30% mpg (4) Diesel efficiency: up 10% to 30% mpg (5) Emission Reduction: > 33% HC, CO, CO2 (6) One-time investment, no maintenance and life warranty. (7) Product Liability Insurance: RM 1,000,000.00

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Benefits: (1) Increase horse and torque power with less fuel combustion. (2) No engine modification, re-fit and no chemical additives with easy installation. (3) Reduce engine vibration with noticeably faster acceleration for vehicles. (4) Reduce the engine carbon build-up. (5) Reduce more than 30% toxic exhaust emissions such as HC and CO.

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WHY ? The UNES, submerged in the alkane fuel liquid, no chemical reaction occurs, and no corrosion. Product Life Span The UNES materials can remain effective for more than 10 years.

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Application No. 1: Diesel Vehicle Diesel vehicles : Truck, Bus, Lorry Use 40mm diameter Energy saving ball. (2) One unit of UNES can atomize 2 liters of diesel, ratio is 1-to-2 (Malaysia Diesel) (3) Calculation: Tank capacity is 150 L. (4) 150 liters ÷ 2 = 75 (5) It needs 75 units of UNES.

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Application No. 2 : Petrol (1) Use 25mm diameter UNES (2) Six units can atomize one liter of petrol, the ratio is 1-to-2 (3) Calculation: Tank capacity is 60 liters (4) 60 liters / 2 = 30 units. (5) Based on RON 95 Standard (Malaysia)

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Access to the fuel tank The below is a bottom view, after lifting up the car. (1) Petrol pipe (2) The nut, or the screw (3) The fuel tank

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Question 1: Is it not clogging /blocking the fuel hose ? No clogging, no blocking to the fuel hose from tank.   The fine sponge as fuel filter, before delivery the gasoline to engine.

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