ORGC 316 Hirokawa Part V


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Hirokawa et al. Part V: Groups & Teams By Sherri L. Ter Molen

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I love groups & teams! All groups have successes & failures. This week, we’re examining the factors that impact the effectiveness of groups. What are some of the successes & failures On the next slide, you’ll find this week’s learning objectives. 1

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Learning Objectives To learn strategies for group decision-making effectiveness & to understand why groups succeed or fail To think through emotional displays in work teams and their influence on team collaboration To examine cases of poor business decisions and to think about group decision-making can lead to such outcomes 2

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3 Welcome to World of Failures With your host Sherri Ter Molen

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Did you know… According to the SBA, most small businesses fail? Click here to learn more! Even big name, successful companies such as Apple launch products that fail? Click here to see some of them! Click the arrows on the site to see even more! There’s a whole blog that makes fun of individual, small group, & corporate failures? Click here to see it! 4

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Zipper Superstore of Chicago Ralph is the manager of Zipper Superstore of Chicago. His district manager tells him to sell 1,000,000 more zippers than last year. His store only sold 10 last year! Ralph has 2 assistant sales managers & 6 sales associates . What does this small group need to succeed? 5

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Success depends on… Availability of informational resources Quality of effort of group members Quality of thinking Adequacy of the group’s reasoning system 6

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Is Ralph doomed to fail? Ralph doesn’t even have 1,000,000 zippers in inventory let alone the know-how to increase his store’s sales! The sales staff is unmotivated. The assistant sales managers have ideas but are reluctant to share them since Ralph sometimes reacts negatively. The group’s reasoning system has been on the fritz since 1982. Learn more about these factors on pp. 125-127! 7

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8 Thanks for watching World of Failures

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Is it really all over for poor Ralph? 9 What if Ralph at Zipper Superstore of Chicago used communication to try to resolve his difficulties? Could he succeed in selling 100,000,000 more zippers than last year? If so, how?

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10 Discussion can be a jewel! Ralph would need to tell his team about the new sales goal & would need to pool all available informational resources! Find out more about the importance of group communication on pp. 127-128!

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That’s one big challenge, however! 11 How can the employees at Zipper Superstore ever overcome it? The answer can be found in… Functional communication theory! Every good assistant manager knows that! You can learn more about it on pp. 128-131. Jan, an assistant manager at Zipper Superstore

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Think baby steps! 12 Instead of making one big decision, the employees could make a series of small decisions to help them reach their goal. Martijn, the 2010 top sales person at Zipper Superstore There are four general questions we need to ask ourselves. What are they? Look for them on p. 128!

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Could group communication really make a difference? 13 Sure! Discussions could impact the small decisions that are made! Discussions might shape the criteria the employees set for achieving their tough goal! Discussions might affect the range of choices available. Discussions could help the employees evaluate their choices & their alternatives. Henrick didn’t sell a single zipper in 2010.

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Jan has a great idea! 14 New communication technologies (NCTs) might help the employees of Zipper Superstore of Chicago hunt down some ideas! Didn’t Zipper Superstore of Atlantis sell 1,000,000 zippers last year? Let’s set up a Skype conference call with them to pick their brains! Why do I always have to do all of the thinking around here? Jan has 10 years of retail management experience.

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Ralph experiences a triggering event! 15 Ralph, the sales manager, says he doesn’t like Jan’s idea. He dismisses the meeting & storms out. Why? It doesn’t seem like Ralph is adhering to the jewels of discussion that you read about on pp. 127-128! Ralph has been the sales manager of Zipper Superstore of Chicago for 3 years.

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What is a triggering event? 16 Ralph realizes that Jan’s idea is a good one, but he won’t admit it to the group. He’s afraid that if Jan’s idea works that his boss might replace him with Jan. Besides, Jan was being smug when he complained about doing all the thinking. Jan’s idea & his tone triggered fear in Ralph.

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Emotion in Motion Everyone experiences emotion at work. We laugh at our co-workers’ jokes. We get angry & yell at our computers when they crash. We cry when our co-workers are mean to us. We feel joy when we win awards. 17

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Is it wrong for Ralph to feel fear? Of course, it’s not wrong. Everyone’s entitled to her or his feelings. Ralph’s hissy fit doesn’t even mean that the employees of Zipper Superstore won’t be able to eventually make the small decisions needed to overcome their very big goal. Why not? Find the answers in Chapter 15: Teaming with emotion! 18 (Hint: It has something to do with pent-up tension!)

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What will happen to Ralph? We’ll think more about Ralph’s situation next week. Don’t forget about his plight! 19

Summary: ORGC 316 Hirokawa Part V - Week 7 - Sherri Ter Molen

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