ORGC 316 Hirokawa Part VI - Week 8


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Hirokawa et al. Part VI: Leadership in Groups By Sherri L. Ter Molen

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Welcome to Week 4! What is a leader? Can a team be effective even if it has a sucky leader? Can a great leader shepherd a group or team to failure? Stay tuned! Check out this week’s learning objectives on the next slide! 1

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Learning Objectives To recognize how different leadership styles impact group interactions and goal achievement 2

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What’s up with Ralph? 3 Remember Ralph’s uneasiness? Jan’s triggered fear in Ralph. However, it wasn’t wrong for Ralph to feel fear. Leaders are just human just like everyone else. It doesn’t mean that Ralph a bad leader.

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Does Ralph have poor leadership traits? However according to the trait perspective on leadership, Ralph might be lacking in a few areas. Do you know what they are? 4 Do you think Ralph is intelligent? Do you think Ralph is self-confident? Do you think Ralph is determined? Do you think Ralph has integrity? Do you think Ralph is social? Learn more by reviewing pp. 172-173.

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What is Ralph’s leadership style? Everyone has a different leadership style. Some leaders are sweet & kind. Others are distant & cold. Several styles are discussed on p. 174. Which style do you think Ralph exhibits? 5 For an excellent example of an autocratic leader, check out this week’s video clip from the film, Glengarry Glen Ross. Glenngarry Glen Ross Sales Meeting ***WARNING! Vulgar language!*** This link is also posted on D2L.

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Other Leadership Perspectives A sales motivator might scream at underperforming employees in one sales office yet go golfing with successful sales people in another office! A group leader might be rigid in one situation but open-minded in another. An administrator might be an effective leader among surgeons but not among emergency room nurses. 6 This is known as the situational perspective on leadership. Read more about it & 4 important theories on pp. 175-176.

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What’s the difference between sex & gender? 7 You’ll read more about it next week in Chapter 19: Sex, gender, & communication in small groups!

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Does sex & gender affect leadership? 8 Research suggests that both men & women are effective leaders. Look at p. 189! However, research also suggests messages or leaders might be evaluated differently based on sex or gender. Look at p. 191! Additionally, research suggests that when people are treated equally, they have equal chances of emerging as leaders. Look at p. 193! The “Practical Suggestions” on p. 194 rock!

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Marta views leadership as organizing! 9 In high school, Marta organized a fundraiser to finance her softball team’s trip to the national championships, & she organized the unemployed in her community to form a business development program. Marta, the newest assistant sales manager at Zipper Superstore Effective leadership is all about organizing. I sleep with Table 18.1 & Figure 18.1 under my pillow each night. Check them out on p. 206!

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Marta has a plan! 10 Marta is going to talk to several of the other employees to learn more information. This is called networking. Marta is going to engage in data splitting. What is it? Marta is going to think through opposing & conflicting bits of information. Marta is going to make some small decisions that will lead to big results. Marta is going to articulate her ideas & decisions to win Ralph’s support & the support of all of the other employees at Zipper Superstore too! Learn more by reviewing pp. 208-210!

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What will happen? What do you think? Will Marta’s organizing skills be enough to overcome Ralph’s lack of leadership in this situation so far? Will others listen to Marta, or will they discount her ideas because she’s a woman? Will Ralph embrace the jewels of discussion in time to sell 1,000,000 more zippers this year than last? ? ? ? 11

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I’ll leave it to your imagination! 12 Your guess is as good as mine! Well, your guess is as good as mine if you’ve kept up with the readings. Those of us that understand the nature of groups, their processes, & perspectives on leadership have a leg up on predicting a group’s success or failure! Have a good week!

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