Be The Life And Soul of The Party And Learn the Easy Beginner keyboard Chords to Happy Birthday


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Be The Life And Soul of The Party And Learn the Easy Beginner keyboard Chords to Happy Birthday A great song for beginners to play on the keyboard is Happy Birthday. It's a very traditional song, and has been around for many years. It dates back to the middle nineteenth century, and is one of the most recognised songs in the English language. It's usually sung to celebrate a person's birthday, and is normally performed as a birthday cake arrives, with the person whose birthday it is being celebrated sitting at the top of the table, with everybody surrounding them and singing to them. Then after the song has been sung there is normally a loud round of applause and the person celebrating their birthday will blow their candles out and make a wish. As tradition goes if you make a wish on your birthday then your wish will come true. It is a perfect song choice to learn as you start your musical journey on the piano, and is guaranteed to put a smile on every face. It's something you can pick up and entertain friends and family with at all celebrations. The song originates from the song Good Morning to All, which was written and composed by two sisters, Patty Hill and Mildred Hill in 1983. Patty was a teacher and Mildred was a pianist and performer. They wanted to write a song that would be easy for young children to sing along to and perform. The song has a very simple structure and consists of just four lines, three of which are identical and just repeated. The lyrics to the original version of the song are: - Good morning to you, Good morning to you, Good morning, dear children, Good morning to all. The lyrics for the Happy Birthday to you version is: - Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear - (person's name whose birthday it is) Happy birthday to you.

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So as you can see from both lyrics, it is very simple yet incredibly effective. The chords you will need to play this song are: - A major, E major and D Major. The notes you will use to play the melody are: - E E F# E A G# E E F# E B A E E E C# A G# F# D D C# A B A So as you can see from these notes and the chords given, there isn't much to the long, but is a great one to have in your repertoire as a pianist and is something that can be used throughout your lifetime. It's not a song that will tire with time. It can take many years of practice to reach the standard to be able play your own one hour song repertoire on piano or keyboard. But what if there was a simple method that could show any beginner how to do it in just 12 days? Find out how it’s done...

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