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Sony The Production Company.

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How did Sony develop into the media giant? In 1958 TTK changed the company name to Sony Corporation. Throughout 1960 to 1985 they introduced many new products, like the Sony Walkman or the first CD player. In 1989 Sony buys Columbia Pictures for $3.4 million. Since the company was founded, they have came out with many products, such as: The PlayStation 1 in 1994 then improved to the PlayStation 2 in 2000. The first video camera, in 1985. The line of PCs for the home market in 1997.

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Advantages of Synergy. Synergy is the sale and promotion of a product, e.g. Films, soundtracks or video games. Spider man in an example of a Sony film which shows the advantages of Synergy: The soundtrack consisted of artists signed to Sony-Columbia, which would promote the artist, the film and therefore Sony. The music video included the scenes of the movie, therefore promoting the film. Sony owned Road Runner Records, which Nickleback were signed to. Thus still promoting them.

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Convergence in ‘Friends With Benefits’. Friends with benefits is a new Sony-Columbia film which uses convergence to help promote it. Convergence is the coming together of separate technologies to achieve an aim – here it's to make, distribute, promote and exhibit a movie. In Sony's case, this has been achieved by developing the strengths of their own company, by acquiring other companies - or at least coming to a financial arrangement with them. The promotion of the film was also on social networking sites, as well as videos, posters things that would usually have a different use, coming together to perform the same thing.

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Term Definitions. Synergy is the promotion or sales on a movie using the different media: Films, Soundtracks or Video Games. Convergence is the integration of previously separate technologies to achieve a particular aim. Vertical Integrated is the management control. Vertically integrated companies in a supply chain are united through a common owner. Example: American Motion Pictures was led by five integrated studios – Paramount, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, RKO and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Horizontally Integrated is the term used to describe a type of ownership and control. Horizontal Integration is much more common in marketing than Vertical.