Monsters (2010)


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Monsters (2010). How the film was produced and distributed.

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Target Audience: The certificate was a 12A. Aimed at teenagers, as it used technology to promote the movie.

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Cast And Crew. Director – Gareth Edwards, who also wrote it, but he is not that well known. There were only 2 real actors, and there was no basic outline. They were just told how to interact with each other and the other cast members, all which were not actors. Anyone else were simply passing by. Director done all special effects and editing himself.

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Location. The film was shot entirely on location: any settings featured in the film were real locations often used without permission, asked in advance, and all the films extras were just people who happened to be there at the time. Costa Rica, Mexico.

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Budget. The budget was at $500,00. The film made $20,508 in the USA and £348,577 in the UK within the opening weekend. It done better in the UK than in the USA. By 26th December 2010, it had only made $808 in the USA. Equipment cost $15,000 Small cast, any other people were simply passing by, on location.

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Marketing And Distributing. It was screened at well known film festivals. It was advertised by Virgin Media. In the weeks leading up to the UK release date of 3 December 2010 a marketing campaign using social network Foursquare was announced. Vue Entertainment and Cineworld Cinemas set up 'infected locations' which gave users access to exclusive Monsters content and the chance to win random on-the-spot prizes. Posters Trailers, online.

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Reviews It received a general positive review from critics. 6.6/10 rating, on aggregate Rotten Tomatoes with the site’s consensus “It doesn’t quite live up to it’s intriguing promise, but Monsters is a surprising blend od alien-invasion tropes, political themes and relationship drama”. The film ranked 3rd on Moviefone’s Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies 2010 list.

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