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Digital Technology How is it used to exhibit films?

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Digital Technology Today: Today they have use of the internet to help promote films. This would include: Social Networking sites; Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc… The use of Youtube. These are as well as TV advertisements, so the film is fully promoted.

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The Blair Witch Project The use of the internet to promote the film, had never been done before, so their campaign was completely new, which gave people more excitement towards the films. On the website, they claimed all the footage was real, which mislead the audience into believing it was real and giving them high expectations of the movie. They were able to post updates about the movie release and more information.

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Paranormal Activity The most recent film which used digital technology to promote itself was Paranormal Activity. Although it mainly is the same, there is a lot more used to promote it: They were able to use social networking sites, such as facebook to create pages where they could upload trailers, teaser trailers, updates. And also, where people who have seen it could post their view on the movie to entice more people to watch it. Youtube was used to promote the trailers to viewers, by the sidebar of their current video. This would draw more people to see the trailer, and hopefully make them want to go and see the movie. Twitter would be used to have it’s own account, to again, give updates, reviews etc… Also, it would be ‘trending’ as a promotional one from twitter itself.

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Television Advertisements These would be used to show trailers of the movie during main times to the target audience on main channels such as; ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and Five. They would be shown when popular shows were on after nine. This would target adults and older teens. As the certificate was a 15.

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Social Networking Today Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites used. Facebook promotes a lot of movies as pages or as advertisements. This would help the campaign of a movie. Twitter is always promoting different things, such as movies or artists etc… and with millions of twitter users everyday, it is sure to get a lot of attention on the ‘trending topics’. There are also more social networking sites, similar to Facebook and Twitter, such as; Tumblr, MySpace and more.

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Conclusion So, digital technology has changed quite a bit over the years, with more people using social networking and basically using the internet. Compared to when it used to rely on TV, and cinema trailers and even reviews in papers.