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Essay Plan. Discuss the issues raised by Media Ownership in the production and exchange of media texts in your chosen media area.

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Paragraph one Mention that the chosen media is Film. British Film and Smaller Companies. Hard to get into cinemas because of American Blockbusters. For example Slumdog Millionaire.

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Paragraph two How they counteract that. Viral Marketing and convergence. For example Slumdog Millionaire uses Flash Technology on their website to run a series of Awards and Reviews as an intro to the website. You can skip it to stop audience being bored and switching off the website. Video – Trailers. Pictures. All help the audience feel more involved in the film. Downloads. The links are all included in the Who wants to be a Millionaire question box, which is a recognisable symbol of the show. The website also promote the TV show Who wants to be a Millionaire.

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Paragraph Three Viral Marketing can help promote the film. For example Monsters used Foursquare to set up infected zones. Links to exclusive content and Prize Draw. Slumdog Millionaire released a Viral Trailer before the release of the film in the UK. This allowed people to put it on their blog and it be spread through social networking sites.

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Paragraph four Although Social Networking sites can be used as an advantage of easy advertising they can also have a negative impact… People can post bad reviews on blogs, facebook, twitter or even Youtube in a video format. This spreads negative views on the film and discourages people to go and see the film. Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of marketing and if people spread bad reviews this could cause a serious decline in profits. For example The Rum Diary (2011) got many bad reviews not only online but in newspapers.

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Paragraph five To counteract the negative reviews film companies use viral marketing to fight back. Odeon cinemas gave 50 extra points to Odeon Premiere Club members if they bought tickets to see The Rum Diary. Slumdog Millionaire was predicted to not do well. The actor Danny Boyle, and Indie Film enthusiasts helped to counteract this. Pay Per Click adverts were used and targeted to people who had previously looked in search engines for Pathé , Bollywood, Danny Boyle, Slumdog, Indie movies, etc. This added more than 75,000 new visitors to the

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Paragraph six As soon as a film is released into cinema’s downloads of the film can be pirated or watched online. Websites like Pirate Bay and 1channel make this easy to get a hold of. To stop this happening films are being released onto DVD and Blu-Ray faster than usual. This means people can watch the film once they’ve been to the cinema and don’t feel as much need to download them. An example of this is Alice In Wonderland (2010) which caused uproar with cinemas because they released the DVD only 3 months after it was released rather than the normal 4.

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Conclusion There are many issues with smaller or British film companies trying to get their films into cinemas. Film companies are vitally important in the production of films across the world, as they are vertically integrated it maximises profits for that particular company. This means the films they produce can have a bigger budget, and will be bigger and more dramatic. As the importance is so large on companies such as Sony, this has detrimental effect on companies such as Amber Films who cannot afford the major funding, and the profits they receive from the films they make will not be a great as the likes of Sony and Warner Bros.

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