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How can i download this presentation?

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How can i download this presentation?

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Uzbekistan – the pearl of Central Asia Created by the group of Local History Project Participants School #97, Tashkent

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The area of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan is situated in Central Asia. Its area is 448.900 square kilometers It is a bit smaller country than others but it is very quit and peaceful place in the World

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Uzbekistan consists of 12 regions and one sovereign autonomic republic.

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These are the State Emblem and our National Flag Look at them! Emblem of Uzbekistan Flag of Uzbekistan

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Emblem of Uzbekistan The state emblem of Uzbekistan was adopted on July 2, 1992. The emblem is in the form of a circle and mainly bears the national colors blue, white, and green. On the left there is a cotton plant and to the right wheat borders the coat of arms, cotton and wheat are the two major agricultural products of the country. It is surmounted by the star of Rub El Hizb۞ symbol of Islam, which a majority of Uzbeks profess. In the middle, a khumo, symbol of happiness and love of freedom, beats its wings. In the background a birds eye view of Uzbekistan is painted. The rising sun over the mountains with its sun rays rounds off the image. The two rivers behind the bird, leading to the mountains, symbolize the Amu Darya and Syr Darya.

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Flag of Uzbekistan The State flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan was approved at the Seventh Extraordinary Session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on November 18, 1991. The State flag and its symbols portray the historical links with states which have existed in the past within the borders of modern Uzbekistan and embodies in itself the national and cultural traditions of the republic.

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Flag of Uzbekistan The color blue on the flag is a symbol of the eternal sky and life-giving water, which reflect the essence of life. In symbolic language it represents goodness, wisdom, honesty, glory and loyalty. Consequently, the color of Amir Temur’s state flag was also blue. The color white on the flag, symbolizing holy peace, harmonizes with the illumination of the day and the sources of light in the universe. The color white is a symbol of purity, transparency, innocence, the cleanliness of desires and dreams, and a striving for inner beauty. The color green is a symbol of the renewal of nature. In quite a few nations, it is considered to be a symbol of youth, hope and joy. The red stripes are tributaries of the power of life that flows in our bodies. The depiction of a youthful crescent moon is connected with our historical traditions. At the same time it is a symbol of the independence which we have obtained. Stars are considered a spiritual, divine symbol for all nations. The 12 stars depicted on the state flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan are also directly connected with our historical traditions, with the ancient calendar-cycle of the sun. Our attention to the 12 stars is also explained by the development of astronomy in the scientific thought of the ancient states within the borders of Uzbekistan. It is necessary to understand the depiction of 12 stars on our state flag as a symbol of the antiquity of the culture of the Uzbek people, its maturity and the striving for happiness in its land.

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The President of Uzbekistan In December 1991, Islam Karimov was elected as a first President of independent Uzbekistan.

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Great Words of our President I do solemnly swear to faithfully serve the people of Uzbekistan, to strictly follow the Constitution and laws of the Republic, to guarantee the rights and freedoms of its citizens, and to conscientiously perform the duties vested on the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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is SOUM. Currency of Uzbekistan

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The great ancestor of our nation is Amir Temur – the conqueror and emperor of Mavorounnahr which was the name of modern Asia in middle ages.

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Uzbekistan has a great variety of geographical features. Lying in the desert zone of the moderate belt, the Republic has a hot, dry climate. There is a plenty of warmth and sunshine, but very little water.  Geographical features

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Our country is watered by the large rivers of Amudaryo and Sirdaryo. There is a big sea in past, but it is shrinking now. The name of this sea is the ARAL SEA. Our deserts are Mirzacho’l, Karakum (the black desert) and Kyzyl-Kum (the red desert)

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Our neighborhoods From south: Afghanistan Tajikistan From north and west: Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan

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The size of Uzbekistan’s territory is greater than UK, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria taken together The length of the republic’s territory from west is 1425 km, And from north to south 930 km

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Uzbekistan airways communications have been established with more than 30 countries and it is just starting!!!  Uzbekistan’s transport system

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The length of railroads exceeds 6700 km and that of the highways 80.000 km Rails and Metro We cannot say how long is Uzbekistan’s underground but we have it only in Tashkent with more than 35 stations

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