How has digital technology evolved since the making


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1999-2011 How has digital technology evolved since the making and release of the Blair witch project?

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The Blair witch project. (1999) When the first clips of the Blair witch project was released onto the live web it was under the impression that it was ‘real’ footage. Some people still believe that today. It was one of the most profitable films in history because it cost so little as they funded themselves The Blair Witch Project is thought to be the first widely released film marketed primarily on the Internet

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Cloverfield (2008) Before the film's release, Paramount Pictures carried out a viral marketing campaign to promote the film which included viral tie-ins similar to Lost Experience. Filmmakers decided to create a teaser trailer that would be a surprise in the light of commonplace media saturation, which they put together during the preparation stage of the production process. The teaser was then used as a basis for the film itself. Unlike most viral campaigns, Cloverfield's marketing had virtually nothing to do with the movie itself, and instead concentrated on a fictional evil Slushy company. The drink ‘Slusho!’ served as part of the viral campaign.

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The last exorcism (2009) The Last Exorcism used ‘Chatroulette’ as the medium of its viral campaign involving a girl who pretends to unbutton her top seductively, then stops and turns into a monster. At the end, the URL of the film's official website is flashed on screen. It was announced that a poster for the film was banned in public UK places, due to the nature of the poster (described as "offensive", "distressing", and "unsuitable for public viewing") which received 77 complaints, of which two people claimed the girl in the poster seemed to have ‘’suffered a sexual assault’’

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Paranormal activity (2009) Paranormal activity sponsored ‘most haunted’ for its viral campaigns. Their main focus was on social networks, like twitter. They encouraged the people who have seen it (during its limited release) to “Tweet Their Screams,” basically to write reviews. Almost all of the reviews were good (and only 140 characters long, which doesn't leave room for much criticism) which lead to the larger limited release, mainly focused on college towns. After Paramount saw the success in those few towns, they knew they had to get this film out on a larger scale. They allowed users to “demand” the film in their town, the users the power to decide where this film will play next. In the mean time, Paramount said if they react 1 million “demands” they would release it nationally. They also used the idea of pronouncing the film as ‘real footage’ just as the Blair witch project said which also helped promote the movie.

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The success of Paranormal activity became a franchise and have now made three movies. 1 (2009 2 (2010) 3 (2011)

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In conclusion, digital technology has improved dramatically after the Blair witch project as now viral campaigns have became increasingly more popular and with technology becoming even better we now have 3d films too.