Magazine Analysis.


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Charts Music. Pop. Still appeals to an adult audience. Pink suggests a female audience but This cover suggests that the audience changes depending on the content. Masthead of the magazine is the same every time apart from being black or white depending on background. - Basic but the bright colours suggest a pop theme. Font doesn’t change just the size and colour to differentiate between articles. Photo goes off the frame. Shadow helps the text stand out. Button grabs attention. ULTIMATE suggests the best. Depending on the cover model, the magazine’s theme changes to appeal to the audience that would want to read about. Darren Criss appeals to a younger female audience but Eminem appeals to an older male audience so the magazine colours change.

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Generally stick with the blue accents. - Keeps house style. List of chart music on the contents is unique. Different colour and capitalised titles of articles. Stand out. Photographs of recognisable people or things for some articles, make the contents page look more interesting and draw attention to these articles. Sectioning makes the contents easier to understand for readers.

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Large photograph grabs attention, and immediately shows the reader who the article is about. Black and pink article. Sticks with the theme of only using two colours. Some photographs aren’t from a shoot, makes it more personal. Important points in pink, sticks with colour scheme and makes it important. Article uses quotes, from her twitter and herself. Extra information, at top in the photograph. Title is just the start of the article. Grabs attention. Bottom corner has page number, issue date and website. Attention grabbing quotes in capitals and bigger font. Written in columns, makes it easier to read.

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Image takes up whole magazine cover. White text stands out over image. Special Issue banner – grabs attention. Date small under masthead. Shadowed writing makes it easier to read. Only uses white text, breaks convention. Interesting stories in bigger font. ‘Adele’ is in the biggest font – main article. Grabs attention. Rolling Stone stays the same every issue. - Colour sometimes changes on special issues.

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Image takes up a double page before the actual article. Black and white image – stylised. Short introductory paragraph to the article. When flicking through magazine grabs attention

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Large image catches attention when flicking through the magazine. Dressed like the fans of the magazine. The title is in punk style writing, ties in with her dress. Title is a quote to make people want to read the article. ‘Lily Allen’ in red, stands out to show who it’s about. Red matches her clothing so ties in with image.

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