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Music Magazine Analysis

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The masthead ‘Q’ is placed in the left corner to follow its normal conventions of its previous magazines. It is a bright red background with the Q in white writing, making it stand out and attract the reader to the magazine. The main image is the well known solo artist ‘Adele’, attracting the audience because the reader presumes the main spread will be of her, so they will want to purchase the magazine. The way she is posing could be described as the ‘Chocolate Box’ and the ‘Invitational’ – which is seductive and suggests mystery and mischief, also making you want to read more in the magazine itself (Majorie Ferguson 1980 The main colour scheme are simple colours; red, white and black. The only thing that is coloured different is the ‘The 300th Issue’ circle, making it stand out to show readers. Other articles are on the left side, also drawing attention but not as much as the main image and the writing. The font is also plain and simple, yet effective as this is the fonts Q usually use on their magazines.

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The barcode, date issue and website are all in smaller writing compared to the other text as they are not as important as the other things featured on the front cover. The main headline: ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it…. Adele BLOWS US AWAY’ Blows us away being in capitals to stand out to the audience, wanting the reader to read more on the topic. ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it…..’ would also appeal to men as the ellipsis suggests there is more on the topic that she is talking about her body. Front Cover

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Contents Page This page keeps to the typical conventions of a contents page. It has numbers to guide you to the page that the topic is on. It is simple but works effectively as there is a lot of text but one main image which also has a page number next to is, guiding you to where the story is. They have the date, issue and website in the top right hand corner, just so that the readers can keep track of what’s in which magazine. They have kept to their typical house style and colour scheme of red, black and white as these are particular colours associated with ‘Q’. They have also included the name of the magazine ‘Q’ at the top to establish the contents page itself.

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Contents Page The masthead is yellow on a black background which makes it stand out from the rest of the text. This magazine also keeps to a basic colour scheme of black, yellow and white. There is an editor’s message in the top left corner which is directed at the reader making them feel as if he is talking directly to them. The main sub titles such as ‘Feedback’, ‘News’ etc. are all in bold and capitals again to stand out to the reader. They also likewise to any other magazine, have numbers directing the reader to the specific topic. Band names are also in bold, catching the readers interest. There is a quote from ‘Kirk Hammett’ to attract readers interest (and maybe fans of Metallica).

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Double Page Spread The main masthead behind Florence ‘USA’ is in capitals and quite a formal font to engage the reader about her success there. ‘Got The Love’ being in a feminine font but also cleverly engaging the reader not just using it simply as a ‘title’. They have used red in the flag to contrast with her red hair, making both things stand out, suggesting seduction. Her pose also shows this as she has one leg up and most of her legs shown. The story is set in quite a formal but typical way as it is spread out in columns with a basic font and size, so that the reader can read it without straining.

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Double Page Spread The main masthead is in quite a bold font to stand out and attract the reader, the font that has been chosen could match up with MCR’s genre of music as it is quite ‘rock’. There is more pictures of the band rather than text, which show all band members, maybe suggesting the band are laid back in the recording studio or they would rather have photos taken than take part in an interview. They have used a basic colour scheme of black red and white also which could be associated with a rock band like ‘MCR’. The story is set in the typical way, laid out in columns and a basic text so that it can be easily read.

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