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Magazine Analysis Laura Dent

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Masthead stands out, but model is covering the O, this draws more attention to her, suggesting she is more important. The title has 4 colours, which matched the style. The same 4 colours are used, and they all stand out against the light blue background. The celebrity is wearing yellow, again standing out. And is the only photo on the magazine. She is looking directly at the camera, which reaches out to readers. Barcode, price and date small in the corner. Trying not to draw too much attention from the magazine itself. Other hooks around the wheel, gives a good layout to the cover. They have no competitions or anything to make the reader feel included. Her pose is more feminine, which appeals to women as well as men, as they would like to look like her.

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The masthead head is the same font/style every time, but different colours. The house style has changed, due to the celebrity. This one using more dark colours, to show he is some sort of rock/rap artist, whereas the other uses light, bright colours. This is so it reaches out to the target audience. The photo is more serious, and from the side. This is a typical photo for this type of artist and style. The hooks are lay out more organized and are clear to read. A different pose for the celebrity, this one is a ‘gangster’ pose, which is to suits his genre of music.

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Shows all page numbers at the side, separated into categories. Name of the magazine, small in the corner, still quite visible though. Photos with the page numbers, to show who or what the story will be about. Only a few different fonts, but many colours used, but it goes with the theme of the title. Blue, black and white main colours. A different category for stories from the front cover. With more information about them. Each section visibly divided.

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One main photo, with the story page number and title, with a quote. Title along the top with the date and issue number. Red stands out the most. And website of the magazine. Same few fonts and colours. Stories from the front cover. Separated into categories, better layout. Easier for readers to follow. Again, photo with the page number and name. Similar to the other one, except this one is set-out better, and not overwhelmed with colours. Typical boy-band pose - main singer forward from the rest.

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One photo, of the celebrity. Takes up one whole page. Looking at the readers/camera. Her pose is sexy, to appeal to men. And women too, as they would like to look like her etc… Title big and bold. The use of a lyric from one of their songs. Overview of what the article/interview is about. Her name in bold and blue – stands out. Same few colours; red, black, grey/beige. Article/story/interview set into three columns. Credit to who took the photos and wrote the story etc…

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Quotes large and bold. Grabs the readers attention. 2 photos of the celebrity, looking at the camera/readers. Same theme of colours; blue, black and white. His clothes go with the theme of the magazine too. Interview; questions and answers in different colours. Easier to distinguish for readers. ‘Help & Advice’ which was from the interview. Interview spread over both pages, not just one with the photo on the other. (like the previous one).