Visual Design Basics


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Visual Design Fundamentals

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Basic Guidelines all rules are guidelines. There’s only one real rule, and that’s to make it work!

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Balance Everything about your presentation (your slide layout, your pictures, your color palette, and even your fonts) will help craft your audience’s understanding of your subject matter

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Contrast & Repetition You can create visual interest in your slides by making each slide unique. However, to keep continuity you need to keep some things constant. Create a by changing some things and keeping others the same.

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This slide has too much contrast. Too Much Contrast

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Too Repetitive This setup looks nice on the first slide.

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Too Repetitive But then you see it again… And it starts to get a little dull

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Too Repetitive And then you see it again, and you are visually uninterested and begin to zone out

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Too Repetitive And you do NOT want your viewer to zone out!

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Respect The White Space

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but not too much

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And please FOR GOODNESS SAKE stay away from CLIP ART

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Alignment and Proximity Then there are the aesthetics. This has to do with how you fit all your words and pictures together to create something that’s pretty and informative.

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Lack of Alignment and Proximity Although it contains the same material, this slide just seems a little off. For example, the title placement makes it look like she has a neon orange unibrow

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Lack of Alignment and Proximity This slide looks like no one took the time to make the slide look good. Nothing seems to fit.

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Fonts Fonts Fonts Fonts Fonts In general, Fancy Fonts should only be used for titles, and even then only if the content is suitable. Most fonts are in one of two types, SERIF and SANS-SERIF. In general, sans-serif is clearer and easier to read. But whatever fonts you choose, be consistent, because switching between fonts can be very distracting!

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Fonts Fonts Fonts Fonts Fonts Also, not all computers can recognize all fonts. If a computer can’t recognize your font it will swap in another, and this could… destroy your aesthetic look!!!

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To Sum Up… Powerpoint is both a challenge and an opportunity. Use this chance to let the creative you run free!

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Thank You eStudio Jennifer Weiler powerpoint

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