MGT 570: Contemporary Opportunities


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Contemporary Opportunities

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China has a different theory of how to get long-term, sustained growth: The Chinese have doubled their spending on education Continue to build the world best infrastructure Reuters reports that Beijing is contemplating a plan to invest $1.5 trillion over the next five years in seven crucial industries. Targeted sectors: Alternative energy, Biotechnology, New generation, Information technology, High and equipment manufacturing, Advanced materials, Alternative-fuel cars and energy-saving and Environmentally friendly technologies Ref: Wall Street Journal (12/14/10)

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Security firms eyes cybercrime trends Hot spots for cybercriminals (online thieves and hackers) in 2011, according with McAfee Threat Prediction report: Social media platforms such as Twitter Mobile devices such as smart phones, tablet computers and other portable gadgets Location-based services and apps such as Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Apple product, which will see a rise in malware sophistication as their use in professional settings increase URL-shortening services, in which cybercriminals can easily mask and lead users to malicious Web sites, and barrage users with spam, malware and other scams to get a user’s data Ref: Chicago Tribune (1/1/11)

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1. Mobile Apps The Chicago Tribune is ready to launch branded news and weather apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Leveraging CTMG’s audience, content and consumer trends, what should be next? Your deliverable is come up with the top 10 revenues generating app ideas, their features, pricing, target audience, how to promote and etc. Be creative! Ref: Chicago Tribune

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2. Digital Marketplaces Chicago Tribune Media Group currently has strong, high performing digital marketplaces for autos (, real state (Homefinder), recruitment (Career Builder), entertainment (Metromix) and soon local shopping. What other market places could be created and/or partner to develop? Provide your ideas and develop one potential marketplace. Ref: Chicago Tribune

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3. Monetizing Digital Content Whether it’s video, advertising inventory, photo galleries, or stories, CTMG’s portfolio has a vast amount of digital content, yet it generates pennies to dollar compared to traditional media. How can we monetize digital content beyond display advertising and classified listing? Ref: Chicago Tribune

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4. Engaging Consumers through Mobile Technology Geo-location is currently a hot trend in the mobile world. QR Codes, SMS and couponing are other ways to engage consumers to go. Provide specific strategies that leverage and monetize existing mobile and location based technology. Ref: Chicago Tribune

Summary: MGT 570- Harold Welsch Updated Winter 2012

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