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Our school was built in 1971

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School’s renovation in 2001

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School doors opened in 1971 in its first generation. In 1999/2000 school year, pupils and teachers chose her a new name, and it was called “Juventa“ High School. From 2011-09-01 it was called “Juventa“ progymnazium. Our school always was famous of it‘s music. The idea - to develop a comprehensive musical education in a harmonious personality, to be a model in Lithuania and abroad. By the end of the 8th decade the school was experimental. Music teachers classroom activities and artistic expression was always in the city republic, foreign scientists, academics-methodist, music teachers and other practitioners interested visitors attention.

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Traditional festivals at school: The 1 of September

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The day of European language

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European mobile week

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Universal day of animals

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Autumn festival for the 1st class

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OPA – an early professional training

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Autumn trips

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Studies at museums

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“Healthy food – healthy body”

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We are taking part at contest “The healthiest of the healthiest”

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The hundredth day of the 1st class

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Friendship with a children library “Springlet”

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Let the bird have a feed-lets decorate the tree

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December- the month of kindness

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The performances and plays of Advent

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The mart of kindness

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Teachers’ and pupils’ Christmas musicals

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The bees in Spring

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The day of the Earth

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The plenty of music groups glorify our school

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We take part at plenty of concerts and musical festivals

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Subjects: Maths, Languages (Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, French, Italian), Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical training, Music, Art, Technologies, Ethics, Computer science.

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Pupils: from 7 to 14 years. 894 pupils Musical education. Pupils play with individual instruments. They are a piano, a violin, an accordion, a guitar, a saxophone, a flute and a keyboard. 417 pupils take place in music art activities.

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Teachers. There are 90 teachers.The middle age is 40 years

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Administration : A headmaster, 7 assistants

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