E-tourism Summit - SEO Strategies - 10.01.08


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SEO, SMM, Paid Search Marketing, ORM, Link Building and Strategy. Our approach is Research & Analysis, Strategy and then Implementation. We will always tell you what we are going to do, why we are going to do it and then what we are going to do next…no black-magic or secret sauce…just a lot of experience, know-how, creativity and hard work.

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Scott Fish Director of Search Engine Optimization 10.01.08 E-Tourism Summit

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Search . . . Driving Business Online ◉ 4 out of 5 new visitors arrive through engines. ◉ 90% abandon search within first 3 pages of results. ◉ Top 10 results visited 78% more than next 20. SOURCE: February, 2008, comScore Networks (New York) ◉ 62% of online shoppers use general search engines.

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SEARCH MARKETING Powering your Marketing Mix

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Powering your Marketing Mix ◉ How customers seek-out your offerings ◉ In-depth research and analysis Professional Search Engine Marketing ◉ Most effective targeting and messaging ◉ Integrate through all media channels

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Drive Messaging through All Channels

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SEARCH MARKETING Natural Optimization

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◉ Competitive Search Landscape Analysis ◉ In-depth Natural Keyword Research ◉ Targeted SEO Keyword List ◉ Site Optimization Document Structured SEO Process ◉ Implementation Guidance and Consulting Search Engine Optimization

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О О О О О ► Keyword Research / Analysis Optimized Keyword List Optimization Enhancements Natural SEO Methodology

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Optimized Site Pages Attract Search Spiders Prominent Search Listings ● Natural SEO Methodology

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RESEARCH Knowledge is Power

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R E S E A R C H Goals Defined Keyword Expansion C O N S U L T Search volumes E V A L U A T E Discover Trends A N A L Y Z E C A T A G O R I Z E Structure Keywords Select Patterns F O C U S Provide Strategies D I R E C T I O N Optimized Keyword Generation

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Power Through Search Engines SM Expansion and Targeting

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Natural Optimized Keyword List ● Relevant Analysis ● Quantity of searches ● Competitive Web Pages ● Most important phrases Keyword Research & Analysis

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Current positioning of competitive Web sites for Optimized Keyword List ● Top Direct Competitors ● Landscape Competitors ● Pages Indexed ● Inbound Links ● Google PageRank Competitive Analysis

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Traffic Driving Keywords ►

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Search . . . Real Results Month Natural SEO campaign improved site positioning and traffic. +59% Search Revenue (vs. +19% overall online) +21% Avg. Order Size +31% No of Transactions

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Drive Messaging through All Channels

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Pre-Optimized Messaging

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Optimized Marketing Message C E L E B R I T Y

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Message Driving Off-Line Revenue

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Drive Messaging through All Channels

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SEARCH MARKETING Natural SEO + Paid Search

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Cross-Discipline Search Campaign

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Natural SEO + Paid Search ◉ Optimize SEO elements around current keywords ◉ Identify keywords driving conversions NOW Cross-Discipline Performance ◉ Dramatically improve Natural search positioning ◉ Substantial increase in number of leads

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Paid Search Real-Time Insight

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Keywords Driving Conversions

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Cross-Discipline Results Improved Natural Search Positioning

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Cross-Discipline Results Percent Increase in Number of Leads pastry chef school +200% pastry schools +500% pastry school +440%

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Cross-Discipline – Making Dough! Natural Search Engine Performance January 2008 through June 2008 Total Monthly Revenue Increase +433% Through Natural Search Results for these 3 Priority Keywords

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SEARCH MARKETING SEO in Travel & Tourism

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Luxury Southern Resort Top 100 Priority Terms in Google Pre-Optimization (22% Top 100) Site Optimized (92% Top 100)

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Tourism & Resort Performance Increased Ranking = Increased Visits Monthly Organic Traffic 30x

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Scott Fish Director of Search Engine Optimization scott@engineworks.com www.engineworks.com

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