E-tourism Summit -Search 3.0


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And in turns out that I am right. It all about “Time Sensitive Search Results”.

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E-Tourism Summit: Search 3.0 Presented by: Scott Fish - Director of Search EngineWorks, Inc. www.engineworks.com

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E-Tourism Summit: Search 3.0

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E-Tourism Summit: Search 3.0 Google: Game Changer Universal Search Elements Social Graphs Google Instant Search Real-Time Search Search Engine Optimization - Keyword Research - Images, Video, Press Releases, Local, Links

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Google: A Game Changer Google's mission: To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

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Universal Search Elements

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Social Graphs Important "Graphs" To Watch Social Media - Twitter / Facebook TrustRank & Real Time Search Niche Link Information

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Google Instant Search Are we all searching too slowly? Changes to Paid Search – ad impressions count if an ad shows for 3+ seconds. Traditional “SEO” Strategies stay the same. Targeted Keywords may change. Begs The Question…. What really is the searcher’s intent? “B” = ? “A” = ? “G” = ?

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What is Real-Time Search? “Our real-time search enables you to discover breaking news the moment it's happening, even if it's not the popular news of the day, and even if you didn't know about it beforehand.” - Amit Singhal, Google Fellow

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Real Example: Real Time Search

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QDF = Query Deserves Freshness QDF = Query Deserves Freshness

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How Can QDF Be Leveraged? Product Launches, New Brands Web Content Optimization Press Releases Blogging Paid Search Question & Answer New Website Content Ideas What’s Hot? Google Trends Social Mention Trendistic

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Search Engine Optimization

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Keyword Selection

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Web Site Traffic Natural Search Engine Traffic Paid Search Engine Traffic Direct Traffic Referral Traffic Online Bookings Individual Bookings Group Bookings Special Event Bookings Golf, Spa, Casino RFPs For Meetings & Events Meetings Weddings Banquets & Catering Booking Metrics Revenue Average Daily Rate (ADR) Room Nights Growth Opportunities Through Data

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Advanced Industry Tools Search Engine Tools Topical Issues Keyword Expansion

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Search Engine Optimization Keywords In File Name Utilize ‘Alternative’ – ALT Text Include Relevant Copy Around Image Build Links To Page & Image Popular Communities Flickr (tagging, groups, contests) Photobucket (solution for 3rd party hosting) Facebook Photos (ranking more often) Images

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Search Engine Optimization Keywords In File Name Utilize Video Information Fields Include Relevant Copy Around Image Utilize Tubemogul (or other tracking tools) Distribute Through RSS Consider Length 30 Sec Vs. 5 Minutes Utilize Thumbnails For On-Site Display Provide Transcripts Video

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Search Engine Optimization Fresh, Unique, Trusted Content Ranks Well Articles Should be well Organized Treat Articles as "Information Hubs" Distribute For Online Vs. Offline Inclusion Google News Inclusion Unique URLs With 3 Digits Dates & Titles Matter Tap Into Trusted Sites News & Press Releases

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Search Engine Optimization Positive Effects Claiming Your Local Listing City & Business Address Match Utilizing Categories in Place Page Citations From Data Providers Local Search Negative Effects Multiple Place Pages with Same Phone Number Multiple Place Pages with Business Name Multiple Place Pages with Same Address Absence of Address in Place Page PO Box Usage Without Physical Address

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Search Engine Optimization The Good Great for mid/long tail keywords Evens the playing field Ability to rank for competitive keywords Advertise in places normally unavailable Advertorial opportunities Paid Link Building – Caution! The Bad Performance = Monthly/Yearly Fees Against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines Can put your entire site at risk of penalty or being banned The Ugly…Matt Cutts: How To Report Paid Links

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Presented by: Scott Fish - Director of Search EngineWorks, Inc. www.engineworks.com Twitter: EngineWorks Facebook.com/EngineWorksSEM Thank You!

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