SEMPDX Link Building - How to build link building into company culture


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Building Links Stinks! How To Build a Culture of Link Building Presented by: Scott Fish - Director of Search EngineWorks, Inc.

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Link Building 2011 It’s Complex!

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Link Building 2011 It’s Time Consuming!

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Link Building 2011 It Can Be Expensive!

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Link Building 2011 Create a Link Building Culture

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Google's mission: To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Link Building 2011 Google – The Game-Changer

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Targeted Keyword Research, Universal Search, Social Graphs, Instant Search, Real-Time Search Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Site-Wide Considerations, Alternative Optimization For Images & Videos, Local Optimization, Local Partnerships, Off-Page Optimization Through Link Building, Off-Page Optimization Through Reviews, Micro Formats, Custom Reporting , Paid Search Placement Options, Advanced PPC Bidding, Customized Ad Copy & Creative, PPC & SEO Landing Page Optimization, Smart Budget Allocation, Real-Time Social Media Interactions, Strategic Thinking & Positioning. Link Building 2011 How to get Coveted Leads

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Link Building 2011 Universal Search Elements

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Important "Graphs" To Watch Social Media - Twitter / Facebook TrustRank & Real Time Search Niche Link Information 1998 Links from Hobbyist & Niche Sites 2001 Links from Big Brand & Media Sites 2003 Links from Blogs & Forum Sites 2006 Links from Social News Sites 2009 Links from Twitter & Facebook Updates 2011 Links & Data from Location Based Sites Link Building 2011 Social Graphs

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Get Your PR Team Involved Educate Your Sales Team About SEO Teach Staff to Look For Opportunities Utilize Company Assets Bring Educational Tools Into The Forefront Raid Your Customer Service Department Track Link Building Activity Link Building 2011 Embrace Link Building

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The Good Great for mid/long tail keywords Evens the playing field Ability to rank for competitive keywords Advertise in places normally unavailable Advertorial opportunities The Bad Performance = Monthly/Yearly Fees Against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines Can put your entire site at risk of penalty The Ugly…Matt Cutts: How To Report Paid Links Link Building 2011 Caution! (Paid/Sponsored Links)

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Fresh, Unique, Trusted Content Ranks Well Articles Should be well Organized Treat Articles as "Information Hubs" Distribute For Online Vs. Offline Inclusion Give Press Releases an “SEO Review” Does the release contain deep links? Does the release target long-tail keywords? Did you create 2 versions of the press release Traditional Press Bloggers, Social Media Channel Link Building 2011 Involve Your PR Team

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Speaking Engagements Sponsorship Opportunities Potential Industry Trade Partnerships Search Position = Sales Proposition If your company’s website ranks well for keywords, this may give your sales team a unique sales proposition. Link Building 2011 Educate Your Sales Team

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Local Search Social Media Industry Blogs, Technical Blogs/Websites Playtime, Inc Design Process Manufacturing Process Safety Issues Link Building 2011 Teach Staff to Look for Opportunities

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Interesting Videos about Your Product/Service Turn Written Content Into Infographics Employees Know Your Business Let them write! Hotel Concierge Hotel Event Planners Hotel Chef & Sommelier Link Building 2011 Utilize Company Assets

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Great Content = Great Links! E-Commerce: Sizing Charts / Color Charts Law Firm: Case Studies, Case Briefs, Analysis Any Company: Bi-Weekly Video Series Facebook contest to guess the ski run 20+ Responses for each Run posted Link Building 2011 Emphasize Educational Tools

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Content Is Created Daily By Your Company Who Responds to Client Questions? What Questions Does Sales Answer? Facebook & Twitter Questions/Comments LinkedIn & other Q/A Sites Set up Google Alerts to find bloggers discussing your product, then respond directly on your company’s blog with a link to the blogger. GM’s Fastlane blog generated $240,000 worth of free publicity for the company by having the blog featured by the press. – Groundswell Link Building 2011 Raid Your Customer Service Dept.

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Plan, Track, Refine. Make your list of employees that can influence your link building strategies. Distribute a company-wide strategy document outlining action Items. Determine which links gained over time are most beneficial by monitoring the associated pages and keyword rankings. Build a Spreadsheet to track your progress: Match your opportunities to content. Build a ‘hit list’ of current links to refine. Give employees a role in the process Link Building 2011 Track Link Building Activity

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Presented by: Scott Fish - Director of Search EngineWorks, Inc. Twitter: EngineWorks Link Building 2011 Thank You!

Summary: SEMPDX Link Building - How to build link building into company culture