Talk and tech in teaching


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Talk and tech in teaching Some ideas for using mobile devices and voice software in the classroom and beyond

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Rationale –1) Most students own and are highly skilled in the use of handheld devices 2) Engaging with audio technology helps students develop key skills inherent in A Curriculum for Excellence 3) There is huge scope for formative assessment of learning 4) Mobile devices can become a useful management tool (for self and others)

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Idea 1: Mobile phones are personal organisers

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Use the ‘calendar’ function for key dates, alarm calls etc ‘Countdown’ – home or school/ teacher or pupil Schools can send out reminders/ messages if they have student numbers:- Cardboard Fish Remember the milk – Internet to-do listing links to your phone

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Idea 2: Mobile Phones are multimedia learning tools

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Bluetooth – Instant file transfer. Let’s have a trial… Bluetooth ideas – time lapse photographs, project displays Sharing podcasts/videos e.g.Geocasts Transfer pupil audio for editing (file can easily be converted to WAV/MP3) using

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Phone video cameras for formative assessment of work Mobile doesn’t always mean phones- Flip? Students need not be in shot Pictures to blog via Flickr or direct moblog Audio recordings-past papers? Gabcasting? 1 minute task- record ways in which a mobile phone can be used by educators or students… More sound and vision

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Creating your own podcasts

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You will need:- Audacity – Free… A microphone A LAME encoder (allows you to convert to MP3) A host for your podcasts (try Gcast) Both free… Some free music to brighten up your recording Now, let’s have a go…

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