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How was the film produced and distributed? Monsters

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Target Audience The certificate for the film was a 12A. A user review stated ‘Amazing movie. A real adventure film, the way they don't make them anymore. Sometimes it felt like a travel documentary, very real, very exciting and realistic. The actors are very good, better than most high paid stars of today. And the girls are beautiful in a very natural way. She's also a wonderful actress.’ The film will obviously be targeted at people who like adventure films.

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Elements of production Cast and Crew The director and writer of the film was Gareth Edwards. He also directed In The Shadow Of The Moon and End day, however was not well known. The actors participating in the film were Scoot McNairy, Whitney Able and Mario Zuniga Benavides. Location and budget The overall budget of the film situated at £315,000 They were able to do this due to the use of prosumer cameras rather than the most expensive types. In the first weekend the film made £12,900 ($20,508 in the USA). The filming equipment cost around £9450

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Marketing and Distribution The film was shot entirely on location: any settings featured in the film were real locations often used without permission asked in advance, and the extras were just people who happened to be there at the time. He pitched the idea to Vertigo Films, and they asked Edwards to watch a film called In Search of a Midnight which has been made for $15,000. As the chemistry between Edwards' two characters was so important, he wanted a real couple, and luckily McNairy's girlfriend Whitney Able was an actress, and joined the project. As the low-budget production didn't run to a camera dolly, Edwards made do by sticking the camera out of the van window, cushioned on some bundled-up clothing.

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Edwards had over 100 hours of unique ad-libbed footage to edit into a coherent film. Edwards did all the special effects himself using off-the-shelf Adobe software and Autodesk 3ds Max. The first assembly was over four hours long, and over eight months of editing was trimmed to 94 minutes. Once the film was locked, Edwards had five months to create all 250 visual effects shots. Monsters premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival, as part of the SX Fantastic screenings, on 13 March 2010. On 17 March, Magnet Releasing acquired the rights for the North American distribution. Magnolia Pictures released Monsters in US theatres on 29 October 2010.

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