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Major Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics Founded by Ibuka Masaru in 1946 it adopted its present name in 1958. It began to sell software after the success of the hardware He visited America for research so see how he could improve his technology In 1989 Sony buys Columbia Pictures for $3.4 million By 2000 they had released a line of PC’s, Playstation 1 and Playstation 2’s. Sony

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A subsidiary called Sony Chemicals was created in 1962 to produce adhesives and plastics to reduce the company's dependence on outside suppliers in 1968, Sony Overseas established a trading office in England, and entered into a joint venture with CBS Inc. During the early 1960s Sony engineers continued to introduce new, miniaturized products based on the transistor, including an AM/FM radio and a videotape recorder. 1968 Sony engineers had developed new color-television technology. Using one electron gun, for more accurate beam alignment, and one lens, for better focus, the Sony Trinitron produced a clearer image than conventional three-gun, three-lens sets. The Development of Sony products

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The first Spider-Man film soundtrack involved artists signed to Sony-Columbia, which would promote the artists, the movie and increase revenue for Sony. Although Nickelback are signed to Road Runner Records, it is actually owned by Sony-Columbia. At the time, Sony even co-owned its own cinema chain in which to show its films. The first spider man film

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The promotion of the film was used on social networking sites as well as videos, posters, things that would usually have a different use, coming together to preform the same thing. Friends With Benefits

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Synergy – Convergence – Vertical and horizontal integration – Word Definition

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