Slumdog millionaire


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Slumdog millionaire Danny boyle (2009)

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Cast and crew Two of the cast members were major India actors. (Amil Kaur and Irrfan Khan.) Heads of departments were British but most of the cast and crew were recruited in India. The film was directed by Danny Boyle. Tessa Ross head of film 4 purchased it and pitched it to a famous writer Simon Beaufoy. Tessa Ross partnered up with the head of Celador films – Christian Coulson. Tabrez Noorani was the line producer.

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Festivals, release pattern and distribution. Warner International was the distributor for North America. Pathé International was the distributor for the rest of the world. In February 2008 Pathé sold distribution rights to more partners at Berlin film festival. In May 2008 the film promoted at Cannes BUT Warners closed their specialty divisions – looked like they would cut their losses and release the film straight to DVD in North America (but cinema release would still have gone ahead in the UK and the rest of the world because the distributor for those regions was Pathé). Fox deal just in time for Toronto Film Festival – a major international festival and one which is crucial for the success of non-Hollywood studio films in North America. Fox had a history of recent success with the American indie film Juno in 2007 and this became a platform for its Oscar campaign.

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