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Music Magazine Analysis

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The usual colours of the cover of this brand of magazine are black, white, red and yellow. The blue is used this time however to highlight the main band of this issue. The white background allows the other colours to stand out against it. The image is on the full band attracting fans. The way they are posed is humorous. They have eye contact with whoever looks at the magazine and the way they are posed is a typical rock and roll style. The Masthead of the cover is shattered which is the typical style The boldness of the black words above the main headline stand out again the brightness of the blue. Also the use of the ‘!’ relates back to the name of the magazine and it also emphasises the excitement of the article The image takes over part of the masthead which allows the whole image to be displayed on the cover. The image is used as a second background of the magazine emphasising them. Other articles within the magazine are displayed along the bottom and at the very top where the image is not of importance e.g. the legs/feet. Colloquial language is used ‘total mayhem’ KERRANG!

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The purple background implies that it is more feminine than that of Kerrang! The pose by lady gaga is quite seductive which is typical when women are on the covers of magazines as sex is used to sell products, her mouth is open which is also quite sexual. There seems to be shadowing around her to make her seem like she's standing out like she does in her life e.g the meat dress etc. The article titles are in smaller fonts except the one about Lady Gaga as she is probably the most well known person appearing in that issue The outfit she is wearing is outgoing which represents what she is usually like but it also adds a dynamic to the cover She covers the masthead which is generally done on a lot of magazine covers The masthead is quite a dark colour and a large font which stands out against the light colour of the background Blue and yellow are added into the spaces of the ‘A’ and the ‘D’ to add colour and again it makes it stand out The article titles are placed down the sides of the cover so they do not cover the image of her. They are all of a general colour scheme, either White or Black which is distinct against the purple background BILLBOARD

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The large image of the band suggests they are the main story It is laid out in a way that it eye catching and not boring The white background allows the colour scheme of mainly black and yellow to stand out against it. There is only hints of red (the numbers of the page) as to not make it to exciting as this would have already been done of the cover page There are images which down the side to show what comes with the magazine. This is down the side as to not cover the main part of this page The larger image of the ‘21st century playlist’ stands out against the smaller elements which surround it. The font is quite big, bold but also simple as there is a lot of other things going on within the page They have packed a lot of information onto this contents page. This is done by both text and images, making it more dynamic and not too boring to look at KERRANG!

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BILLBOARD The white background allows the other colours on the page to stand out and look bolder There is a simple colour scheme which works well with the amount of text there is on the page Hints of other colours e.g. the Red gives the page a more vibrant look/feel The more dominant picture clearly shows that they are the main part of this magazine. They are standing typically how a man would, protective and ready The woman in the picture has hardly any clothing on using sex to sell. She is standing in a way that attracts men/women to look at her, showing off her figure which goes back to the idea of using sex to sell magazines The other photos seem to be attractive bands/groups. Again using looks to attract a particular audience. They are probably using the more attractive men for influence as they used slightly older men as the dominant picture. This is useful as it attracts a wide audience The same font is used throughout for different sections e.g. headings, fonts etc. this maintains the structure and keeps it neat, as by using too many different fonts, colours etc. it becomes too much to take it and people give up. It can become to overpowering therefore simplicity is always the key.

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KERRANG! – Double page spread Using half of the page as the image of the band draws in the reader They are wearing their own clothes. It doesn’t appear they are following some sort of colour scheme which works well against the grey, yellow and white of the actual article. Using a quote over the image is very effective because it will be one of the first things the reader will read. The quote will therefore keep them enticed to find out what it is they are actually talking about Often the quote has been rearranged to make it seem more interesting. The quote has been main bold and is clearly isolated from the rest of the image The enlargement of ‘now’ is demanding and also suggests a change of path, implying ‘now’ is when they become who they want to be and the direction they intend to go in The article is based around the main image, which is the band they are in fact talking about This article is a double page spread, probably leading onto another page as the image takes up a full page. A double page spread is often used for big stories for people who were on the cover of the magazine. By using a double page spread the full story can be told. Usually there is a simple colour scheme due to the large amount of content that is included. The first paragraph of the article is stating facts which they have clearly quoted, but have been turned into statements. The casual tone of ‘the don’t think their fans will like their new album’ makes people want to read on about why they think that Using a popular band to sell magazines The writing remains the same font, size and colour throughout, which works well against the grey of the background. The whole article has simplicity running through it which enables all the content to be included

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BILLBOARD – Double page spread The article is based on Lily Allen which is the actual image. The image takes up half of the spread to draw the reader in. The title itself is effective in making people want to read it. This is because the boldness of the black against the white makes it stand out, again drawing people in. This with the changing font size adds dynamic to the article as it is quite simple. The headline is an example of a ‘Punk Fanzy’. One of them used to be ‘sniffing glue’. This is to give her more of a punk, edgy image to her. The fact that it is embedded in quotations makes it obvious that she said it herself. This is often used to make the reader want to read on to find out what it is they are actually talking about. She is standing on angle and leaning forward which makes it look like she is being projected forward to appeal to the audience She is made up in a punk kind of style which reflects the idea of the headline of the article. Also her black hair gives her the stereotypical image of a ‘punk rocker’ There is a simple colour scheme of black, white and red so that it does not become too overwhelming for the reader.