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ABACUS by: Katie Sotack

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ABACUS The abacus is an ancient Chinese calculator . It was also know as the wonder tool.

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ABACUS- Who and when WHEN WAS IT INVENTED? The abacus is extremely old. It was invented some time from 1000 B.C. and 500 B.C. People are not sure what time exactly. WHO INVENTED IT The person who invented the abacus is unknown.

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WHY? The abacus was invented to count numbers larger then 10 (we only have 10 fingers). it was difficult because they did not have numbers back then. So they needed a way to tally.

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How is it used differently It is not use differently today. It is still used as a calculator

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Why is it important? The abacus is important because it made great strides in math, science, and technology.

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