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Questionnaire results

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1. Are you male or female?

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2. How old are you?

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3. What type of music do you typically listen to?

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4.Do you normally buy music magazines?

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5. If no, why?

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6.What makes you stop and look at a particular magazine?

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7.How often would you say you bought a music magazine?

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8.How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine?

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9.What stories draw you in to read a magazine?

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10.In your opinion, what is the most important feature we should see in a magazine?

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11.How often do you like to see magazines released?

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12. What colours would attract you to a cover?

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13. If you do buy magazines, which ones do you buy?

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14. Would you rather read an article or an interview on an artist?

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15. Who are your top 3 artists or bands?

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16. What sort of offers would you like to see included in the magazine?

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17. What would be your deciding factor in buying a magazine?

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What I found. The results of my questionnaire show that throughout my participants they all like a different type of music. I have tried to get an even number of male and female participants so that it would make it easier for the results to be more accurate. My results also show that they would prefer an interview to an article and that they would rather it had bright colours on the cover of the magazine. The most popular genre of music that was given was pop rock, which means that they will more than likely buy it for that type of artist on the front cover. I will incorporate all of my research into my final product.

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