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Lithuania, 2012 Hansel and Gretel

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Father took his children to the wood and left them there.

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Children walked through the wood until they found a tiny cottage,

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where old witch lived.

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The witch thrusted Hansel into an iron cage to fatten him and then to have for her supper.

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Hansel and Gretel decided to trick the witch.

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Hansel poked out a bone instead of his finger when the old witch wanted to check wether he grew fatter.

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Poor Gretel cried as if her heart would break.

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The witch couldn’t wait longer until Hansel got plumper and decided to bake Gretel instead of her brother.

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The girl quessed what she meant to do...

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The witch fetched up in the oven.

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Not only the witch has burned out but her cottage, too.

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Gretel let Hansel out of the cage.

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Children found witch’s treasure chests.