Top 7 Red Wine Types


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Top 7 Red Wine Types

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What are the red wine types that are the most popular?  There are thousands of different red wine varietals.. …. how do you choose?

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Leading Red Wine Types

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Cabernet Sauvignon (ca-ber-nay so-vin-yawn) Famous for being one of the world’s finest red varietals. Deep red in color, Cabernet is a beautiful medium to full-bodied, dry wine.

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Merlot (Mer-LO) Due to its mellow taste and low acidity it is a good choice for those new to drinking red wine. Merlot is considered a bit softer and less tannic than other red wine types, like Cabernet.

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Shiraz (shih-RAZ) / Syrah (Sih-rah) One of the darkest reds, Shiraz can be made as a fruity, sweet wine with plumy flavors or a dry peppery wine with notes of blackberries, licorice, and chocolate.

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Malbec (MAHL-beck) Malbec grapes make a mid-bodied, rustic red wine, dry, with high acidity. Due to its acidity, it is most often blended with other wines.

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Pinot Noir (Pee-no na-wahr) A delicious red wine made from a variety of black grapes that were originally grown in France’s Burgundy region. The wine is light to moderate in body, fresh, and delicate. It comes in an array of colors, from purplish-red to cherry-red, even turning brown during aging.

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Zinfandel (Zin-fen-del) One of the “American Classic” wine types. Red Zinfandel wine is deep red in color, bordering on black. It’s a spicy, peppery, heavy wine with a hint of jammy or fruity flavors and aromas, evoking thoughts of blackberries and dark cherries.

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Sangiovese (Sanjo-vay-zee) The centre of Italian Chianti wines. Sangiovese is a black grape that creates medium-bodied red wine types that can be beautiful and complex, evoking various fresh and fruity flavors and aromas.

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Taste of wine depends very much on the grape(s) used in the winemaking.

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Visit our site for info on different types of wine, wine tasting and more…

Summary: What are the red wine types that are the most popular? There are thousands of different red wine varietals.. but how will you choose?

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