PI-34 and CED555


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What else? What about PI-34?

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What’s it for? This is a portfolio that is designed to help you look back at what you’ve done in our program It is also designed to help you see how the program will equip you to handle your future career. Vision and Mission gives you a direction and methodology. The course review shows you what you’ve learned to accomplish that goal The culminating experience helps you see how you can work independently on a goal that you set.

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PI-34 Portfolio is designed to show others Who you are… What you have done… What you can do… How you see yourself fitting into the career of teaching/education Why your license should be renewed or expanded/extended.

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A PI-34 Portfolio Should Be: A showcase of you and what you have done, can do and plan to do. Some examples of your best work, evaluations and even student samples. Dynamic – changing as you change, updated as needed and reflective of what you have done and are doing and plan to do.

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A PI-34 Portfolio Should Be: Located permanently so that you can provide the address as part of a recertification process or job search. With an address (URL) of your choosing. You might look at tinyURL or another service that shrinks addresses.

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A PI-34 ePortfolio May Have: an introduction Some sort of philosophy, such as a mission and vision statement. A resume or continuing record of employment and accomplishments Records of improvement activities such as classes take, degrees earned, professional development programs attended or presented.

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You Also Should Have: The specific standards that are linked to licensure for pi-34 Letters of recommendation, performance evaluation grade transcripts, etc. Your actual PI-34 PDP

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DPI Suggests (in statue) Some Additions (1) whole group and individual pupil performance as measured by state, local, formal and informal assessments Samples of actual lesson plans supervisor and mentor comments of classroom performance

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DPI Suggests (in statue) Some Additions (2) journals documenting samples of pupil errors and analysis of teacher interpretations of errors ongoing documentation of classroom management techniques and results curriculum adaptations for children with disabilities or other exceptionalities with related outcome measures.

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Start Now We are not offering a long term, career length, portfolio. The Wolfmail site will disappear at some point as will your wolfmail account. It should serve you as a personal template, a learning experience, that you can use to create your own, more permanent portfolio in a place of your own. Ours is a course, a class, a place to learn and experiment. You need an e-portfolio now and in the future.

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