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Questionnaire Results

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Favourite Music Genre?

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How much money do you spend on Music?

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How do you listen to music?

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Do you illegally download music?

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Do you / Have you ever been to a gig / concert?

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Do you / have you ever been to A MUSIC FESTIVAL?

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Do you buy Music magazines?

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Which magazines do you buy? Kerrang Rock Sound Q

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Three Favourite Artists? Fall out Boy Olly Murs Chameleon Circuit La dispute Mcfly Newton Faulkner Rihanna Skrillex Adele Taylor Swift

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How often would you be willing to buy a magazine?

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What is the maximum price you ar prepared to pay?

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What is the most important selling point?

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What would you like in a magazine?

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New Bands or Current

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Should music magazines be genre specific or broad

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Does the music you listen to influence the clothes you wear?

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What colours would attract you to a music magazine?

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What tones would you prefer your magazine to be?

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