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Magazine Questionnaire Results

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Do you buy music magazines?

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If so, which one(s)? Kerrang! Q NME Rolling Stones

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How often do you buy a music magazine?

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How much do you usually spend on a music magazine?

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What do you usually look for when purchasing a music magazine?

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What genre of music do you prefer?

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Who are your favourite top 3 artists/bands? You Me At Six Jessie J Skrillex Darren Criss Calvin Harris Adele Rihanna Panic! At The Disco

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How often do you listen to music?

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How do you usually listen to your music?

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Do you download music?

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Do you buy CDs?

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What would you like to see more of in magazines?

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What font do you prefer for the main texts?

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What colour scheme would you like on a magazine?

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Have you ever been to a concert?

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Did you purchase any merchandise?