Results Of Questionnaire


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Results Of Questionnaire

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I made sure my questionnaire was answered by an even amount of each gender so I would receive fair results.

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I found out most people buy magazines once a month therefore I would make my music magazine monthly as it appears that is how often the public buy them.

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I found out most people preferred pop music. The one person who chose other stating they preferred RnB music. However, seeing as pop was the most popular I have decided to base my magazine on that genre of music.

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To conclude I found out most people downloaded music rather than bought CD’s, so I have decided to feature a ‘free download’ on my front cover of my magazine to attract buyers.

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My results show that the public most preferred solo artists therefore I have decided to feature a solo artist on my front cover to attract my audience.

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I found out that most of my audience read either NME or Q which means they are my biggest competitors so I will have to attract my audience to my magazine rather than theirs by making my magazine cheaper, but also a reasonable price. I will also have to attract them by using artists they listen to/like.

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I found out that many people did not buy magazines because they are over-priced. Therefore I need to make my magazine cheaper than others or include a freebie to entice them to buy it.

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My results show that my target audience buy a magazine not only because they see an artist they like on the cover, but if the magazine includes freebies. Therefore I will include a free CD/poster to attract more buyers.

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My results show that most people would prefer to pay in between £2.01 to £3 for a music magazine, which I believe is reasonable if I am including a freebie such as a poster/cd/download.

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I found out the majority of my target audience prefer an equal amount of text to pictures in a magazine therefore I will do this in my double page spread.

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My results show my audience prefer female artists rather than male. Therefore I will feature a female pop singer on my front cover.

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