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Sources of Measure & Online Surveys Module 5

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Dependent Variables (DV) Common to all designs Sometimes called outcome or criterion variables Sometimes only have DVs Examples of possible DVs Behavioral observation Score on test Score on Likert-type scale instrument Score on some objective measure

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Operationally Defining DVs It is up to the researcher, what type of DV you want to use & what type of data will result Types of data produced from DVs Categorical – nominal data Ordinal – ordinal data Interval – Score data Ratio – Score data

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How to decide your measure? Want Construct Validity & Criterion Relevance   

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Criterion Relevance

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Locating Existing Measures Google search Lit search for instruments Citation search for article instrument was published in Advantages of using existing measure Validity/reliability already established Internal consistency reliability! Instructions on how to score measure Disadvantages of using existing measure

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Creating your own instrument Open/closed ended items Demographic information Item format for instruments Don’t use leading stem/statement Number of possible responses Likert, R. (1932). A Technique for the measurement of attitudes. Archives of Psychology, 140, 1-55. How many questions?

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Example Stems & Responses 1. What is your age? _________ What is your GPA? __________ 2. Rate your thoughts about chocolate? 1 2 3 4 5 6 Extremely Very Much Somewhat Somewhat Very Much Extremely Dislike Dislike Dislike Like Like Like 3. Rate your current mood the majority of the time in the last month. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Extremely Very Somewhat Somewhat Very Extremely Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Happy Happy Happy 4. Rate your current stress level. 1 2 3 4 5 Never Rarely Occasional Often Always Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Jill hates this response scale…… 1 2 3 4 5 6 Extremely Disagree Somewhat Somewhat Agree Extremely Disagree Disagree Agree Agree

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What scale are you using for your Research Project?? It is almost time to decide this! What is your DV and how will you measure it? Will you be making a behavioral assessment, giving a survey that you made up, administering an already developed instrument, giving a test of some sort? If you are making an instrument - follow instructions on previous slide.

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Administering Online Surveys New and difference ethical challenges Informed consent Withdrawal from study How to identify underage participants? Deception Privacy Issues and Anonymity Assessing Risk

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Practice Assessing Internal Consistency Reliability Adapt my sample stress scale to 10 items of your liking Create survey on survey hosting website Administer your survey to 10 friends After data is collected obtain survey responses from website Enter data into SPSS Run internal consistency reliability analysis Turn in deliverables via drop box (see lab instruction sheet)

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