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Audience Feedback: Ancillary Task 2- Magazine Article The aim of this presentation is to take you through the journey of our magazine article. We aim to show you our products, our reasons for why they are like they are, and our reasons for the changes we made.

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Idea 1 When we presented our first advert to a group of 3 people, they were critical of it, and offered us some constructive criticism. They said: Nothing jumps out to attract the audiences attention, the plain black background makes the advert quite dull. Make the release date bolder to attract the audience. The picture doesn’t tell a lot about the song, maybe the picture could offer an insight into what the song is about and reveal something about the band.

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Idea 2 When we presented our second advert to the same group of people, we had changed the whole concept of the advert. Now the advert was all about new beginnings and we hoped that by doing this we revealed something about the song. Also by adding a picture background instead of just a plain colour, we hoped that this would help attract the eye of the audience. The audience we presented it to said: Although the picture background attracts us more, it is gives a deceptive image of the band, it gives a futuristic image, whereas the band and the song are sort of retro. That was the only real criticism they had, and although that is a really big change to our advert, they said that they liked the idea, we changed the picture which we felt gave an insight into what the song is about, and they agreed with us, and we also put less writing, so that the advert got straight to the point, and again the audience agreed with us.

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Idea 3 Our third advert was to be our last effort at making this advert. We got rid of the deceiving futuristic background and took a step back and added a black floorboard. We kept the same picture, the same writing and the same institutional information. We explained this to our focus group of 3 and they said: -The background does not take too much attention away from the advert itself, but it still has the power of attracting the audience. -They said the decision to not add to the institutional information and the other information already present was a good one because the advert got straight to the point. Our production group were happy with the final product, we felt it gave an insight to the song and the band, and was not too deceiving, we took all the criticism that was given to us, and turned it into constructive criticism to better our final product.

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