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protsenkodasha (5 years ago)


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Dear friends! We have pleasure to present you a new tourist destination It is a wonderful country where all of us feel like at home… country where we work… where we have a lot of friends…

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do you think Which country we are opening to you?

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Tunis? Greece? Austria? Croatia? France? Czech Republic?

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beautiful country! All these different places are gathered in one

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U K R A I N E nforgettable ind are wesome nspiring atural nergetic

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Who are you Ukrainians?

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Today, the main advantage of the Ukraine - is its people Ukraine is a country of beautiful people…

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This is a country of strong and successful MEN…

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Klichko brothers Owners of all boxing belts in the world Andrey Shevchenko One of the best strikers in the world Golden Ball – 2004 Talent and Labor! Strength and Power!

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This is a country of talented and beautiful WOMEN…

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Ruslana Eurovision 2004 winner Ani Lorak One of the most famous Ukraine singers Beauty and Talent! Wild Energy!

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Palace Del Mar (Odessa) Buddha Bar (Kiev) Arena City (Kiev) Pervak (Ukrainian kitchen - Kiev)

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FC Donetsk Shakhtar, UEFA Winner Cup 2009 FC Dinamo Kiev, UEFA Cup Winners Cup1975,1986, UEFA Super Cup 1975

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…and soon it will be GREAT FOOTBALL

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Everyone will find a place in this country…

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Concert Halls In the theatres Night Clubs On the stadium during European football forum

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…and we will book these places for you...

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