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What's wrong? Hurt. Red I need medicine. I am sad I am mad I want to do something. I want to talk. (see ideas in folder) I am hungry I want to eat ___. I am tired Take a break. 10 minutes. Nothing. I am happy Take a break. 10 minutes.

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I want to eat ___. Where? At home? Somewhere else?

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I want to do something. Homework Typing, Math, Spelling Watch a Movie Go Somewhere Call Someone Mom? Dad? Carrie? Jimmy? Exercise Go for a walk, Ride a bike Something Else

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I want to talk. About Fido About Work About Family About School About Movies About Friends Something Else

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About Work I worked at Michael’s in __. I did unpack boxes. I did stock shelves. I was strong and careful. I worked hard.

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About Work I worked at Park in __. I worked in the petting zoo. I did feed goats. I worked in the hot sun. I was friendly and helpful.

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About Work I worked at Office. I typed labels. I sorted and filed papers. I am quiet and careful.

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My Work I go to work at Day Program from 9:00 to 2:00 Mondays, T, W, Th, and Fridays. The address is: ___ ___

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My Work Helpers from my apartment will drive me to Day Program every morning. Sometimes I might take the bus with Ron. I work hard and have fun. Sometimes I work at Retirement Home or Church. I will pass out books and help in the bakery.

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Work Friends I have friends who come work at Day Program with me. I can ask them to hang out. They like to go play on the computer, watch a movie, or hang out on the patio. Some friends at Life Center: -Susan, Katie, Megan -Peter -Ron

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Work Helpers People help me when I am at work at Day Program. I can ask for help. “I need help” Steven, Jessica, and Suzanne are the bosses. Other people help me too. - Melanie and Kate go work with me.

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About Fido Fido was my dog. Fido is my nickname too. “Fido is happy" means I am having fun. I like to talk about Fido: Fido is a ____ dog. She likes to chase __ and wag her __. 4 legs. How many tails?

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About Family My mom is Lisa. She works at __ in City. My dad is Bob. He works at __ in City. My parent's address is: ___ ___ I can visit my parents at their house. I can go for a long walk to their house.

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About Family My sister Rachel goes to college at ___. My brother Adam lives close to my new apartment in ___. They all have their own apartments. They do not live with Mom and Dad. Sometimes they visit Mom and Dad. They talk on the phone and sometimes stay at their house.

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About School I graduated in 2007 from ___ High School, home of the __. I miss my friends and teachers from school.

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About Friends I have lots of friends. Linda takes me to Special Olympics bowling on Thursdays at 3:00. I see Frank, Kelly, and sometimes Dan. I like to talk to Jamie, David, and Karen on the phone. Carrie and Lisa are my special friends. I have known them a LONG time. I like to call or text them.

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About Movies I like to watch movies. I will watch my favorite movies lots of times over and over. I remember the words to movies and the names of people. Sassy, __, and Chance are in ____ ___. Home Alone has K____, Marv, and _____. I like captions on so I can read the words.

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