SPI 0701.5.4 Persuasive Devices (aka Propaganda)


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Persuasive Devices (aka Propaganda) SPI 0701.5.4 Identify examples of persuasive devices (bandwagon, loaded terms, testimonial, name-calling, plain folks) Based on Tennessee State Curriculum Standards implemented in the 2009-2010 school year. Prepared by Andy Lombardo, Sevierville Middle School. While I will try to include as many resources as possible, this lesson is meant to be a bare-bones lesson to which you can add your own activities, resources, etc.

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Persuasive Devices Definition Things people, usually advertisers, do to try to persuade you to do something. Sometimes people call it “propaganda” TCAP will call it either persuasive devices or propaganda (this year will likely be propaganda, next will probably be persuasive devices)

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Persuasive Devices Types of Persuasive Devices we’re going to talk about Bandwagon Appeal Testimonials Plain Folks Experts Celebrity Name-calling Loaded Terms

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Persuasive Devices Bandwagon Appeal Something with the message that “Our product is so good that everyone buys it, so you should, too.” Or “Our way of doing things is good, so you should do things our way, too.” If something is popular, does that necessarily mean it’s good? It comes from the phrase “jump on the bandwagon”

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Bandwagon Appeal Example

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Persuasive Devices Name-Calling A persuasive device that tries to make itself look good by putting someone or something else down. These are used frequently in political ads

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Persuasive Devices Loaded Terms Loaded terms are words that are meant to create an emotional response in people, usually fear Examples of Loaded Terms in ads might include words like steal, terrorism, unsafe, etc.

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Persuasive Devices Loaded Terms A very common example right now comes from the banking industry… Which sounds less threatening? Bank Nationalization, Bank Takeover, or government owned shares in banks?

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Persuasive Devices Loaded Terms These all mean the same thing, but people get worked up over words like Nationalization and Takeover. So, people who think it’s a good idea won’t use those words. People who think it’s a bad idea will ONLY use those words.

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Persuasive Devices Another example… When all the fuss started about toys containing hazardous components coming from China to the US, you heard a lot of Loaded Language like Tainted and Unsafe. Can you think of other examples?

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Persuasive Devices Testimonials When the ad is in the form of someone giving their story of why a product or service or idea is good.

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Persuasive Devices Testimonials: Experts Have you ever seen an ad that talks about “Experts Agree” or “9 out of 10 doctors say that…”? These are examples of Expert Testimonials

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Persuasive Devices Testimonials: Celebrity Have you ever seen an ad where a celebrity or sports star talks about how great a product us? This is a Celebrity Testimonial

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Persuasive Devices (Celebrity) Celebrity Testimonial Commerical

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Persuasive Devices Testimonials: Plain Folks Have you ever seen an ad where regular people talk about how good a product or service or idea is? This is a Plain Folks Testimonial The Verizon ad earlier is also an example of Plain Folks Testimonial

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Plain Folks Testimonials

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Some other types of Persuasive Devices… Humor Sex Appeal Special Offers Sensory Appeal Happy Family Appeal Snob Appeal False Analogy Something New Humble Approach Statistics Public Service Announcement Card Stacking Smoke Screen Hasty Generalizations

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Persuasive Device Practice #1 In your groups, go through one of the magazines on the back table and find an ad that has an example of one of the persuasive devices we’ve talked about. On a sheet of paper, write: your name what your ad is trying to persuade you to do What persuasive device(s) is being used (4/5th period: write who the audience for the as is) and staple your ad to the paper.

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Persuasive Device Practice #2 After you turn in the persuasive ad you found… Use at least one of the persuasive devices we’ve talked about and do the following: Pick a product. It can be real or made-up Think about what kinds of people the product would be sold to Think about what kind of persuasive device would help sell the product to those people Create an ad for your product using at least one of the persuasive devices

Summary: Persuasive Devices, propaganda