E-Rate and District Technology Plan


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E-Rate and Terrebonne Parish Technology Plan Dawn Miller ET8050 Spring 2012

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Agenda The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund (E-Rate) Terrebonne Parish School District Technology Plan

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What is E-Rate Adopted in May 1997 Provides discounts to assist most schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access

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Eligible Services Telecommunication Service Telecommunication Internet Access Internal Connections Basic Maintenance Miscellaneous (installation, configuration, voice mail, fees)

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Steps to Apply Determine Eligibility Develop a Technology Plan Open a Competitive Bidding Process Select a Service Provider Calculate the Discount Level Determine Your Eligible Services

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Steps to Apply Submit Application for Program Support Undergo Application Review Receive Funding Decision Begin Receipt of Services Invoice USAC

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Terrebonne Parish School District Technology Plan Focus: to improve student achievement of through the effective use of technology as an enhancement of the teacher/learning process to improve record keeping/reporting procedures

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Actions Steps Strengthen Leadership Improve Teacher Training Support E-Learning and Virtual Schools Encourage Improved Access and Technology Usage

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E-Rate Funding in Terrebonne Parish Provided internet access to all classrooms Updated electrical access Network cabling Metro Ethernet (bandwidth) Upgraded switches Upgraded telephone system

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E-Rate Funding in Terrebonne Parish

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Conclusion E-Rate funding is very important to school systems Process to apply is very lengthy Terrebonne Parish’s Technology Plan is working toward implementing and improving the use of technology E-Rate funding has helped Terrebonne Parish

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References E-Rate (2012). Wikipedia. Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-Rate USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company (1997-2012). Retrieved from http://www.usac.org/sl/about/overview-program.aspx Terrebonne Parish School District Technology Plan, April 2007.

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