Scottish Poems p7


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Scottish Poems P7

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Loch Ness Monster an auld tale  No one kens if its hakit oor bonnie, a quine oor a loon, green oor reid Keekin in the loch may see his heid Muckle braw body biding in the cauld loch Puir monster haiverin tae himself Scunnered and crabbit he bounces tae the surface When a wee lassie gies a greet Summin himself back hame Where he’ll bide for a year in his mingin, peerie hoose An auld tale oor is it real?? Loch Ness Monster Hakit-Ugly Keekin- Looking Muckle-Big Haiverin-talking Puir-poor Crabbit-grumpy Peerie-small Scunnered- Fed up Georgia

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  The Snaw That Draps Doon   The saft snaw draps doon on the groon I poueed oan my semmit and my ganzie and shoved oan my gutties and my cosy pawkins The icicles wur hingin fae the ceiling ootdoors The coos wur chankin oan the fields the braes wur happit in snaw the fairmer wis dounderin throo the dubs and the clarty groon The soft snow that drops down on the ground I pulled on my vest and my jumper and shoved on my sneakers and cosy mittens The icicles were hanging from the ceiling outside The cows were shivering on the fields the hills were covered in snow the farmer was walking through the mud and the dirty ground Lisa

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A sparra wheechin throo the trees Peerie wings and  saft feathers Tottie legs and a gawden mooth Its keekin furr sum worms in the `groond A puddock boonsing a ower the place Its muckle taes and a peelie wally belly Yatterin and yappin to a his mukkers Haunless puddock dis nae ken fit ees dee in A sleekit tod in the cowp Its white and orange fur Aways in a taigle Keekin fir a tottie deuk The Creatures In The Gairden A sparrow zooming through the trees,Small wings and soft feathers,Tiny legs and a golden mouth,Its looking for some worms in the ground. A frog bouncing all over the place,Its massive toes and its pale belly, Chattering and chatting to all his mates, A clumsy frog doesn’t know what he’s doing. A sly fox in the dump, Its white and orange fur always in a tangle, Looking for a tiny duck. Connor

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Me mucked orange beaked freen Fallows me aw aroon We its cutty clarty taw fits makin an afa soond Jeegin an prancing a aroon The we penguin sat Doon We his mucked head on the groon The Penguin My big orange beaked friend follows me all around With its noisy dirty two feet making an awful sound Dancing and prancing all around The little penguin sat down With his dirty head on the ground. Hannah

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The lauchin puggie The lauchin puggie, reid a ower hingin tapsalteerie Mingin hackit taes and seeven clarty teeth. We his yella baffies on and his breeks hingin doon. He bides in a hoose we his wee family. The Laughing monkey The laughing monkey, red all over hanging upside down. Smelly ugly toes and seven dirty teeth With his yellow slippers on and his trousers hanging down. He stays in a house with his family. Sarah

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A wee skinnymalinky moose, hidin jist under eh stairs, Mi ma Wis lowpin up in Doon, Granda skooshed cauld watter ore it in trapped it, But wi im being haunless he hid drapped it, And eh thing wint fleein awa, Eh neighbours wir keekin in eh winde, an they were a lauchin, Er faces wer gan Reid while is thing Wis weechin, oot eh door it rin, Eh hoose smelt mingin, En twa bonnie lassies came oot there hoose an sterted blethering, then they saw the wee tottie moose and got greetin, The moose ran far-awa,  in a winder far it is the day. The Mouse In My House Cauld=Cold Weechin=Running Haunless=Clumsy Reid=Red Rin=Run Tottie=Small Jay

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A Hurcheon’s Adventure   A peerie broon hurcheon with tottie feet Cannae go fast Daunderin very slaw Follaein the footsteps into th cauld, clarty clachan Across the brig Still going slaw The puir wee hurcheon with the spiky back Haes hud enough o’ th’ clachan Sae he gaed back tae his hoose A Hedgehog’s Adventure A small brown hedgehog with tiny feet Can’t go fast Walking very slowly Following the footsteps into the cold dirty village Across the brig Still going slow The poor little hedgehog with the spiky back Has had enough of the village So he is going back to his house. Caitlin

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The bonnie cuddie The bonnie cuddie laid doon in the clarty groond Nae mair could he stan Puir wee cuddie pechin his heid aff The bonnie tottie cuddie was a bricht white Weechin aboot sae fest aw day Doun goes the cuddie, awa for a dover nicht, nicht tottie cuddie Aw of a suddent he haurd a slicht din It cam fae the barn hoose aboot a mile awa Crash! Cowp! Crash! Cam a racket Puir wee cuddie gat a big fricht So that was the end of his good nicht’s kip Cuddie – horse Dover – snooze Bricht – bright Mair – more Tottie/wee – small Kip - sleep Louise

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Papingo !   She kips in a cage and yaps a day She’s never greetin, clarty or crabbit Reid,yella and broon go doon her back It’s a papingo that’s yattein to me   Flying roond the room makin a midden Cowp ginger she’s so glaikit Boonce, wheeching and fleeing as fast as a earn Oh fit a bonnie, daft Papingo   Yaps her name because she’s always bletherin Lowpin to catch me ma Oh ma disni like her but I love yap Wee, saft , haunless Paingo Papingo – parrot Cowp – knocks over Ginger – Fizzy juice Lowpin - jumping Leah G

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Ma twa freens they baith hae cuddies The crabbit one is afa tousie The bonnie een is very sleekit They run roond and roond lowpin aboot Tumshies are spurting The fairm baundran joukin cluifs The prood little dug came pecking through the field With his weet haun sticking oot Cuddies tramp Doon the ground with their cluifs The puir crabbit cuddy is clarted in snaw The auld coo is afa skinnymalinky He makes a midden in the stra The Twa cuddies Cuddie-horse Baundran- cat Lowpin-jumping Tumshies-turnips Kirsty-Ann

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  A wee braw Doo flees over the bonnie clachan He's gaitherin his fuid across the toun His saft white feathers pechin in the wind as he's joukin reidrab in the sky A Wee Doo A Small handsome dove flying over the beautiful town He's gathering his food across the city His soft white feathers blowing in the wind as he's dodging robins in the sky Brooke C

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Oh fit a poor we critter Pechin a day hain to gang to the shaps To get a brak pechin all day Fit a shame Oh what a poor little animal panting all day having to go to the shops To get a break Panting all day What a shame The Pechin Dug Daniel

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The coo sleekits through I cauld winter snaw Tummilin to I groun keekin far aw I grass He canna find it so cowps the mingin water Howks through I drookit snaw makin itsel broon I coo draps a the snaw Ti start greetin as he canna find ony grass I coo gets aff I groun and start diggin in anither place En notices a hale patch a grass far he hid been lyin I coo gings back to the fairm To find twa coo’s greetin He yatters to them fits I maiter The ither twa coo’s says we canny find ony grass I coo says hae mine I cane just far to get it fae Drookit = wet Fairm =farm Canny = can’t Gings =going The Coo RYAN

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The big beasti is nae feal His sleekit wiys and his muckul coopin His dug like hooter His mates are a bunch a duddies He sits richt by his bonnie lass He eats tod and a big dollop o tatties far his sepper His faither blaws the bagpipes And his mither hengs oot his claes Aw his breeks clarted in glaur He aye gings doon in the burn an the baudrans sit as still as a rack The big beastie wi his yella fur reid claws and arange eyes A the fowk in the toon are flegged o him Tod =fox Beasti=monster Hooter= nose Glaur=mud Baudrans=cats Wiys=ways The big beasti Gemma

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Ma twa freens they baith have dugs The bonnie yin is skinnymalinky broon and tottie The touise yin is reid and braw   The bonnie dug is yin And the tousie dug is siven And they are baith sae cute   They baith rin a roond Makin a midden A day long   They baith gin oot Through I snaw The bonnie yin fell ower And hurt her wee paw Ma-my Twa-two Freens-friends Snaw-snow Braw-handsome Bonnie-beautiful Reid-red Siven-seven Roond-round Midden-mess Twa Dugs Rebecca

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I bairn boonced on a trumpoline It keeked doown and hoowerd in tears   Ma Da boonced on ma trumpoline it fell rieh throught ma Da ended up on the groan.   Ma wee freen boonced on trumpoline er bricks fell doown a jist sat eer and sniggered awa tae masel.   A wis loupin “n” duncin aroon on ma trumpoline a fell aff “n” hid ti go ti A&E   A loon was booncin aroon on a mini trumpoline nae a care in his heid is ma come oot in shooted Your tea is reedy   Ma trumpoline broke so a gid chapin on ma freens door a said do you want ti go on your trumpoline she said I so aff we went. Trumpoline = trampoline Duncin=dancing Booncin=bouncing Gid=went Loupin=jumping Bricks=trousers Freen=friends Abbie T

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                        A Puggie  He swings on the branchies a day Steals food and dasna hav to pay He sleeps at nicht And sometimes give fowk a fricht He haes a peerie body Tousie fur An a tottie heed He’s always lauchin And loves lowpin An makin a racket  We his minging lugs An reed eens An a really bendy tale  E runs like a cheetah Strang as an Ox The size of a new born barn     Een eye Lowpin jumping Tottie tiny Peerie small Reed red MATTHEW

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Me Gowden Dug Me gowden dug lees on I fluir aside I keetchen door. Whan me dug sees fuid but he’s ne eating he’ll become crabbit frame I dwarfs Me dug gets clarty awhere he goes if eres glaur Me dug is really muckle but saft and sa cute Me dug is scared of I firework poor Bracken My Golden Dog My golden dog lies on the floor beside the kitchen door. When my dog sees food but he’s not eating it he’ll become grumpy from ‘the seven dwarves.’ My dog gets muddy everywhere he goes if there's no mud. My dog is really big but soft and so cute. My dog is scared of the fireworks poor Bracken. Amy

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The Fermyard  Ma launchin lowpin coo Wi yella n reid baffies on Wi cauld yeukie claes Seeven siller peerie rings hingin fae his lug He bides on the ferm wi his bletherin cuddie The fermers a wee bauchle wi a crabbit coopin wi green spots on his elbaes and fernitickels on his gizz His thrapple is affa skinnymalinky The fermer, the coo and the cuddie bide ower the brig fae the wummin and her puggie! Scots words – fernitickels is freckles Baffies-slippers gizz/coopin- face lug-ears lowpin-jumping launchin-laughing bauchle-man thrapple-throat ferm-farm elbaes-elbows siller-silver cuddie-horse puggi-monkey CIARA

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