Social Security - Going forward


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Copyright AmeriCareToday 2012 S o c i a l S e c u r i t y 75 YEAR FIX 1983 The Money’s Gone We Stole The Money $2.6 Trillion Copyright AmeriCareToday 2012 Republicans Democrats Your wage, the SS wage cap, and your retirement check Average Annual Wages Annual SS Wage Cap Social Security Retiree Benefits Average wages greater than Social Security wage cap 20 % Greater 1970 56 % Of Cap 1990 2010 1970 : Maximum Social Security retiree benefits 1990 : Social Security retiree benefits diminished 2010 Social Security Struggling to survive $9,350 $7,800 $28,930 $51,300 $39,423 $106,800 1,269 322 % Of Cap Retirement dollars stay home Worker owned retirement accounts Retirement dollars protected Community Investment Pods Retirement dollars invested locally Liability to contingent liability Local accountability boards A m e r i C a r e T o d a y Endorsed by Judge Ray Holbrook Broadens the funding base Reduces NEW SS retiree obligations The significant problems of today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them The Solution: Broaden the Social Security funding base 15.18 Trillion 442 Billion Establish an annual base line assessment - BLA Percent relationship between the gross domestic product or GDP Social Security retiree obligations for the same period of time Paid by the Plumber, the President & the CEO Percent Relationship 3.59 % 3.95 % 3.30 % 14.37 Trillion 13.4 Trillion 516 Billion 599 Billion 2011 2008 2006 1 YR. Phases out NEW Social Security retiree obligations over a 35 year period at the rate of 2.857 % a year YR 15 YR 25 YR 35 97.143 % 85.71 % 57.14 % 28.57 % 00.00 % 2.857 % Current Social Security retiree checks fully funded YR 5 NEW Social Security obligations phased out Social Security The ending of one era - The beginning of another Funding component going up Obligation going down Starts Building Retirement Estates Stops Building Retirement Obligations The ACT proposal Base Line Assessment or BLA COMMUNITY INVESTMENT POD – CIP $ $ $ $ $ $ Retirement dollars stay home Worker owned retirement accounts Community Investment Pods Retirement dollars invested locally $ $ $ JOBS JOBS JOBS HERNANDO COUNTY FLORIDA COMMUNITY INVESTMENT POD – CIP Member Owned JOBS JOBS JOBS X Dawning of a new day A m e r i C a r e T o d a y SPECIAL OBLIGATION BONDS LIABILITY $ $2.6 Trillion CONTINGENT LIABILITY Retirement dollars protected Liability to contingent liability COUNTY CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT STATE LOBBYIST I Want to build a bridge No PROBLEM POLITICIANS Local accountability boards ORIGINAL DISTRICT FOUNDER ACCOUNTABILITY BOARDS (ODF) IF IT CAN’T BE SOLD ON MAIN STREET THEN MAYBE IT’S NOT WORTH SELLING Remember one day you’ll probably need a piece of my paycheck to pay for your Social Security check, and what’s fair is fair. Republicans Democrats 99 % 1 % Democrats Republicans Join Judge Ray Holbrook All About the Rest of the People too Contact Jim at: Visit our blog; See part 1:

Summary: Phasing out social security, and creating jobs for main street

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