ia 2b perfect continuous practice


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He´s been reading for two hours. He’s read two pages so far. Tom started reading a book two hours ago. He is still reading it and now he is on page 53. READ / FOR TWO HOURS

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Linda is from Australia. She is traveling round Europe at the moment. She began her tour three months ago. TRAVEL / FOR 3 MONTHS

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Jimmy is a tennis player. He began playing tennis when he was ten years old. This year he’s national champion again – for the fourth time. PLAY TENNIS / SINCE HE WAS TEN

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When they left college, Mary and Sue started making films together. They still make films. MAKE / FILMS SINCE THEY LEFT COLLEGE

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ASKING QUESTIONS HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN – ING ….? How long – How many – How much

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You have a friend who is learning Arabic. (learn) You have just arrived to meet a friend. She is waiting for you. (wait) A friend of yours is a teacher. (teach) You meet somebody who is a writer.–( write) A friend of yours is saving money to go on holiday. /( save).

Summary: for efl learners

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