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Magazine Plan Laura Dent

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Front Cover Plan I am going to have the layout for my front cover somewhat like this. With the main photo centred and the hooks surrounding it. However, the photo will overlap the masthead slightly and there may not be as many hooks used, depending on if it looks too ‘busy’ or untidy. I will use the same few colours; maybe black, white and a bold colour. Along with the same few fonts too.

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Contents Page Plan I plan to have the contents page like this. With a photo of someone different from the person on the front cover. But instead of having another photo of the cover model, I might have another photo of someone else. Under each photo there will be a page number and a quote or hook. The same colour scheme will be carried from the front cover onto here.

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Article Plan The layout will be like a typical pop magazine, with a photo or two and then a quote in bold and a different colour to draw in the reader. Since it will be an interview, the questions will be in a different colour to the answers, so they stand out and it is clear. The same colour scheme will be used from the front cover on here as well as the contents page.