不是真理全是实话Is not the truth the whole truth


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不是真理全是实话 (资料来自网络 音乐:锔大缸) Pps制作:yxb1947 20120320 Not the truth, the whole truth.

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现在的梦想决定着你的未来,还是再睡一会儿吧。 Now the dream of your future, go to sleep.

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所谓浪漫就是帮老婆买白菜时顺手带回朵玫瑰花! The so-called romance is pulled back to help his wife buy a cabbage roses!

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飞蛾扑火在浪漫主义者看来是美和勇气,在现实主义者看来是愚蠢的自杀 Moths to a flame Romantics appears to be beauty and courage, in the realist view is stupid suicide

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不要为旧的悲伤,浪费新的眼泪。 Do not the old sad waste of tears.

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一口不能吃个胖子,但胖子确实一口一口吃出来的。 One can not eat a fat, but fat does a bite to eat out.

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煮熟的鸭子飞了,有人可能要发疯;活鸭子从眼前飞过,人们却可能无动于衷。 Cooked duck to fly, someone may want to go crazy; live ducks flew from the front of the people may be indifferent.

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骆驼不流泪是因为它知道水的珍贵,女孩不流泪是因为还没有找到值得流泪的人。 The camels do not cry because it knows the preciousness of water, the girls do not cry because it has not been found worthy of tears.

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人有三样东西无法掩盖:咳嗽、贫穷和爱,越想隐瞒,就越欲盖弥彰。 There are three things can not hide: coughing, poverty and love, they want to hide, the more trying to hide something.

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别人的钱财乃我的身外之物。 People's money is my worldly possessions.

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早起的鸟儿有虫吃,早起的虫儿被鸟吃。 The early bird catches the worm, early insects eaten by birds.

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举得起放得下叫举重,举得起放不下叫负重。 Lift can afford to let called weight lifting - lifting called weight.

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对男人一知半解的女人最后成了男人的妻子,对男人什么都了解的女人最后成了老女人! A smattering of men, women finally became the wife of the man, and men are aware of the woman last became old woman!

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谎言与誓言的区别在于,一个是听的人当真了 ,一个是说的人当真了。 The difference between lies and vows is a listen to the people seriously, one is that the people who take it seriously.

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当初会结婚是看上眼了,后来会离婚是看走眼了。 When I first married fancy eyes, and later divorce is the wrong horse.

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妈妈说人生最好不要错过两样东西:最后一班回家的车和一个深爱你的人。 The mother said that life is best not to miss two things: the last one home, car and a love you.

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男人的大脑喜欢女人的内心,但眼睛却喜欢女人的外表。 The man's brain like a woman's heart, with eyes like a woman's appearance.

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难道全世界的鸡蛋联合起来就能打破石头吗?所以做人还是要现实些.... Are eggs all over the world together will be able to break the stone? So a man or to be realistic ....

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漂亮只能给别人提供眼福,却不一定换到幸福。 Beautiful to others to treat, not necessarily change to happiness.

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咸鱼翻身,还是咸鱼。 Salted fish, or salted fish.

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我能容忍身材是假的,脸是假的、胸是假的、臀是假的。但就是不能容忍钱是假的! I can tolerate is a fake body, the face is false, the chest is a fake, the hip is false. But it is intolerable that money is fake!

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钱可以解决的问题都不是问题。 The money can solve the problem is not a problem.

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人生三愿:一是吃得下饭,二是睡得着觉,三是笑得出来。 Life three wishes: First, have a meal, the second is to sleep well, and third is laugh.

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如果真诚是一种伤害,请选择谎言;如果谎言是一种伤害,请选择沉默;如果沉默是一种伤害,请选择离开。 If the injury is a sincere, chose to lie; if a lie is a kind of injury, preferred to remain silent; if silence is a kind of injury, please leave.

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如果背叛是一种勇气,那么接受背叛要更大的勇气。 If betrayal is a kind of courage, then accept the betrayal of greater courage.

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幸福就是下班回家时敲门,而不是自己去找冰冷的钥匙。 Happiness is home from work when the knock on the door, rather than trying to find the key to the cold.

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一山不能容二虎, 除非一公和一母。 Oh my god, Unless one male and one female.

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生活是灯,工作是油,若要灯亮,就得加油! Life is light, work the oil to light, you have to refuel!

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人生没有彩排,每天都是直播。 Life is not dress rehearsal, live every day.

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生,容易。活,容易。生活,不容易。 Health, easily. Live easy. Life is not easy.

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天没降大任于我,照样苦我心智、劳我筋骨。 Did not drop any day, still bitter mind, work my muscles.

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有的人有钱就败家,没钱就拜神。 Some people money to lag behind money worship.

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人干点好事儿总想让鬼神知道,干点坏事儿总以为鬼神 不知道,我们太让鬼神为难了。 Dry point total want of a good thing spirits know, dry point bad children always thought that ghosts do not know too so that the spirits embarrassed.

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笑 口 常 开 长寿不如健康 健康不如快乐 开口便笑笑天下可笑之人 大肚能容容天下难容之事

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谢 谢 观 看

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