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Timeline Evaluation and awards

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Timeline Please save a copy of your website, background and poster in U:/Year13/Media Studies/Work/YOUR NAME Due Weds 28th March All planning work on Blogs by 6pm Fri 30th March. No work will be marked after then. Final Cut Teasers also due 6pm Weds 28th March. Hard drives will be collected from recording studio then. All evaluations to be presented Weds 18th April. Presentations will be individual presentations NOT group.

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4 Questions

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Mark scheme (16-20) There is excellent understanding of the forms and conventions used in the productions. There is excellent understanding of the role and use of new media in various stages of the production. There is excellent understanding of the combination of main product and ancillary texts. There is excellent understanding of the significance of audience feedback. There is excellent skill in choice of form in which to present the evaluation. There is excellent ability to communicate. There is excellent use of digital technology or ICT in the evaluation.

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Q1-Using, developing or challenging forms and conventions Real media products: Teasers Posters Websites THESE MUST BE THE SAME GENRE AS YOUR FILM Pick at least 3 or 4 films to reference when discussing how your website/teaser/poster meets codes and conventions. Remember to use my sheet on Website codes/conventions and how they’re inspired by posters

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Q2-Combining the main product with your ancillary tasks Is there a sense of branding between Teaser, poster and website? How is branding achieved-fonts, colour schemes, imagery, language?-Go into detail on each of these How did other things help enforce branding: consistent film title, actor names, billing box?

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Q3-Audience feedback Positives vs Negatives Who did you ask? Why did it help? What were the limitations Who would you ask in future? Was it affected by time scale? Did you make all/any changes after feedback If so-why? If not-why not?

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Q4- New Media Planning and research / Evaluation Blogger-Present research, planning and evaluation Movie maker for Animatic/Voxpop Animoto-Moodboards Slideshare/Slideboom-Presentations onto blogs Production Vimeo/Youtube for animatic/teaser Adobe Photoshop-website background, teaser poster and titles/ MPAA or BBFC rating screen. Dreamweaver-website Social networking-Buttons on website: facebook, twitter and youtube Apple Motion, Apple Final Cut Pro, Plugins: Magic Bullet Looks, RiverRockStudios Jamendo,Soundcloud,LGFL music (Creative commons MP3) THIS IS A PRESENTATION SO I EXPECT EXAMPLES AND PRINTSCREENS FROM THESE PROGRAMS

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Media Awards Date TBA Venue: BLB3 or BL35. Friends must have invites 1 minute synopsis 1 minute on: Genre Representation Audience Narrative Media Language If you have 2 or 3 members, each person must choose a different media topic from the list