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The Generational Chain Of Trust Copyright AmeriCareToday 2012 January 1960 685 January 1960 14,164 January 1960 $10,000 January 2008 $202,000 S o c i a l S e c u r i t y They Stole The Money $2.6 Trillion $2.6 Trillion $5.2 Trillion They Stole New Debt Net Loss January 1940  42.97 Billion March 2011 14.12 Trillion Monthly Health Care Premium Medicare Advantage $500 Per Month $ 0 Per Month Travel Discount Dining Discount The Generational Chain Of Trust I know there are things I can’t control yet, and until I can, I have to place my trust in someone else. I want to know if I fall, the person I’ve trusted will be there to catch me. It’s the same way with the generational chain of trust, if one day one generation says “ ”, then the generational chain of trust will be broken. JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING A m e r I C a r e T o d a y The Issues: NO KIDDING

Summary: At the 1983 Social Security signing ceremnoy, President Reagan said "Today we can all look each other square in the eye and say we kept our promises". Speaker of the house Tip O'Neill said "This is a happy day for America". Sorry kids they were "JUST KIDDING".

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